The Flu Crash

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My Household has Embraced the Flu

“Type A” flu to be exact.

Okay.. honestly there’s no “embracing” the flu when it jumps on ya like a ton of bricks without remorse.

At this point, we are singing the song John Travolta danced to.... “Stayin’ Alive”.


It hit my daughter, @bookmarked, suddenly last week after one day at swim practice. She’s on the USA Aquatic team here locally.

We thought she just got dehydrated during dry land practice and then the swim part zapped the rest of her energy.

But the next morning she had a temperature over 102 degrees and a sore throat.

At this point, we assumed it was strep throat. She had this before and said it felt identical to strep.

So I began to treat her for strep. After 3 Doses of what would normally send strep packin’ didn’t touch it.... I knew we had something else to deal with.

So the next morning we went to the doctor for a flu test... or figure out what else was going on.

On the way to the clinic, I began to feel super tired. And a weight settled on my shoulders.

By the time she was seen and tested positive for the flu, I had body aches and a temperature myself. Like a ton of bricks thrown off a 3 story building.

Since the doctors didn’t offer much more help than to recommend Elderberry Syrup, We are treating it with essential oils and elderberry syrup.

I am not a rigid company user.

I use what ever works.

So I have both DōTerra and Young Living oils in my home.

I just think they work regardless of the company, as long as the oil is PURE and Therapeutic Grade.

These two companies do their due diligence.

I’m not opposed to any other company as long as their standards are high and their oil is unadulterated.

And oh... the next morning... our son woke up with the flu as well. sigh

Here’s a recipe for cold/flu relief. It has helped us.


The clinic we went to did recommend Elderberry Syrup for the flu. They said they can’t even keep enough of it in their office to sell because it’s so effective.

Luckily... I have a hot connection to Elderberry syrup from our friends, The Hutslar’s. (@alifeathome and @scotthutslar)

And they had sent us a jar a few weeks ago when we had some sinus colds going around.

Their syrup is legit, made from home grown berries and raw honey!

And yes... the Elderberry syrup works wonders!!


Some claim it can even help resolve the Flu in just days... read an article here

And a smooth shout out to my dear friends @dwells and @essentialoilmom who has hooked us up with everything from doing our laundry to filling our RV with fresh water... friends don’t let friends die of dehydration or dirty Laundry!! Hahah. They’re the BEST!! ... even knocking on the door now and then to make sure we are all still breathing!

Here’s to hoping you stay clear of this evil demon they call the “flu”. He is not fun to have around.

UNTIL I can see clearly again... this will be my bridge post to wellness.....


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Uggh. Airborne seemed to cut my symptoms short. I take it at about six times the recommended dose! LOL Anyway, thanks for this great advice, and blessings for a quick recovery. Got the dolphinschool server up and would love to invite you to discord as a mentor, or returning student, here is the link.

Excellent! I would love to help in any way.

I've been sick all week, but at least it wasn't the flu. I'm going to have to look for elderberry juice just in case. I hope you guys feel better soon. Sending loads of love and light directly to you and yours.38.gif

Yes do find some elderberry syrup!! It’s good for a lot of things!!
Thanks for the love & light

How are you feeling? Are you on the mend? I've been missing your posts.

Recovering!! Thank you for checking in.... I believe I’m gonna make it!LOL

I couldn't help but laugh through most of this. 😀

Right?! It’s when we lose our sense of humor that things get serious, right?!


Haha. I came and got your laundry for pure selfish reasons.....I didn't want any flu germs if you brought
it over. 😂😂 I do wish y'all felt better though. I got @dwells grilling burgers and hot dogs. Wouldn't mind playing some pictionary too. Or hand and foot. 😀

I got a steemit post to write yo. We ain't got no time for games.

Write on Bro!!

Selfish or not, totally helpful for this dying flu ridden mother .... I’m trying to dig out from under all the bricks!

The essential oils certainly help. I have Doterra tea tree and i just rub it on my hands and around my mouth and nose. It kills everything. Also have you ever heard of chlorine dioxide solution? My family has had that inour medicine cabinet for about 4 years now and it is impossible for the flu to even come anywhere near us with that stuff. Even if one of us gets sick we knock it out in less than 24 hours no matter what. Feel better!

That’s amazing... we will look into that for sure!!!

We love you guys, get better! That’s an order!

Right back at ya... captain!

We shall recover!!!

Awwwww... Please get well soon @jeejee hope your kids get better soon also.. Its not really good to be around with flu..🙁once one of the member got it.. Everybody will ..but thanks that you have that elderberry.. Hope we have it here in the Philippines also.. And it's good that you have good friends to take care of you and your family.

Thank you for the well wishes ❤️