Do you have wrist issues?? Need more circulation/movement in hands?

in #health4 years ago (edited)

Ever since I fractured my left wrist it has never been the same. I was stubborn and didn't stick to regular routine and let my wrist/arm get so weak that it was effecting my Ulnar Nerve 

Don't let this happen! Keep your forearms and hands strong. Here are some tips that have helped my recovery process tremendously.

I HiGHLY recommend that everyone get one of these. Its not only great for stretching wrist/arms/body out but you can also use it for strength training. You can choose between different weight resistance options to find the perfect fit for you.

This might sound silly but this has been one of the most effective tools I've used to strengthen my wrist and forearm. You stick your hand in a bag of rice and move hand and fingers around. Soon you will understand the benefits. And this is coming from a once skeptic. Ever since I've had better circulation, movement, and hands don't cramp up. 

These are great for their conveniency. I can take this in the car and get a solid workout in. 

This has also helped out tremendously. I've obviously had some poor management over the years causing scare tissue and this has really help release the tendons and allow for more flexibility. 

These are some of the exercises I found most useful and effective. 

Lets all stay healthy and Steem on! 



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Followed..this is great. I broke the growth plates in both my wrists when I was in 10th grade and they've never recovered. Now I work a job that I'm required to use my hands all day every's miserable. definitely going to try these out. Thank you!

Glad I could help! How did you break both wrists? Sounds like a pretty bad fall

Also, don't be ashamed of bringing a bag of rice to work. Your workers might be skeptics at first but will soon follow ;-)

Snowboarding with my friends in mammoth. FIRST time down the slope and fell backwards bracing myself with one hand and knew I messed it up...then trying to get back down did the same thing except my other wrist...nightmare and they've never been the same. Great ideas!

Just started trying this one today and has helped break up a ton of scare tissue. I was doing sets of 30 and feeling it. Thought I'd share ;-) @queeneleanor


I'm glad I can help. Don't be afraid to ask anymore questions. I'm still going through the process day by day.

Also, don't be afraid to re-steem :-) I believe more people can benefit from this.

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