The way to reduce stomach fat without exercise

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Due to low working physical work, stomach fat remains in the abdomen. As soon as the fat accumulates in the abdomen, the fat reduction is so difficult.

If you can not find out when exercising regularly to reduce stomach fat, find out some alternatives.

  • Drink lemon-water

Drink lemon-water without sugar every morning. Mix half a lemon chip into a glass of hot water, mix it with pinch of salt. This is the best way to reduce excess fat and fat in your body.

  • Red red rice

Instead of white rice, you can eat red rice, brown bread, red flour bread. This will not add calories extra to your body. Gradually reduced fat fat will decrease.

  • Avoid Sweet foods

Avoid sweet foods, cold drinks and fried foods in oil. This type of food stores fast fat in different parts of the body, especially on stomach and thighs. Eat regular fruits and fresh vegetables.

  • Get enough water

Drink enough water every day to increase metabolism in the body and remove the harmful components of the blood with urine. The increase in metabolism can not cause fat in the body and excess fat is dropped. Drink hot water without drinking cold water.

  • Garlic

Eat 2/3 koa garlic in empty stomach in the morning, then drink lemon and water. It will work at twice the speed to reduce your belly fat. Moreover, blood circulation of the body will be much easier.

  • Spices

According to many, it is not okay to use extra spices in the cooking. But spices are a great help to reduce your weight. Use cinnamon, cinnamon, and black pepper. These will help reduce your blood sugar and reduce fat stomach.

  • Stay away from meat

Avoid excess fat meat as much as possible. Instead of cooking chicken low oil.


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