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_______________________Health tips____________________

  1. Coffee worth.....
    Do not believe those that name the terrible dangers of caffein. If you drink regarding 3 to four cups of low every day, the liver won't suffer in any respect, however the cardiovascular system can strengthen.
    The smell of low sets the tone for the complete day and improves mood, this drink features a terribly helpful impact on metabolism. therefore indulge yourself in low and keep in mind that it's healthy!

  2. Squirrels for breakfast.....
    Eat squirrels for breakfast and you will be in sensible shape! additionally, proteins can fill you with energy and saturate you all day ahead. You don’t wish food most if you eat protein-rich foods for breakfast. Sources of protein: eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, oatmeal, and legumes.

  3. Do not forget about potassium.......
    There should be foods made in metal in your diet. This component is very vital for your heart!
    Sources of Potassium........
    cocoa, dried apricots, fish, prunes, spinach, food and jacket potatoes. several physiological processes depend upon
    however harmonious the potassium-sodium balance in your body is.

  4. Movement is life........
    Even if you play sports and sit most of the day, your exercises lose all their effectiveness. Get up periodically, move around, walk around the room when talking on the phone, be multi-tasking. According to epidemiologists, regularly jumping to your feet, you protect yourself from cancer.
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  5. Beware of the sun........
    Ultraviolet rays are very dangerous during the day, so tan for a short time and only in the morning. This is especially important for those who have moles or skin prone to pigmentation. Skin cancer is not a joke.
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  6. Go to bed early..........
    This is not always the case, of course, but ideally you need to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Then the body will work like a clock in the literal sense. And you will not need to exhaust yourself with diets - no night overeating, nothing more. He who goes to bed early and has breakfast early, always looks good.

  7. Sleep cool...........
    The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18 degrees. So you will never suffer from insomnia, your head will hurt less, this advice is also useful for skin diseases. Ventilate the room before falling asleep.
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  8. Walk..........
    The a lot of active your modus vivendi, the slower you age. this is often because of the options of the device of the material body. The hippocampus may be a a part of the neural structure of the brain concerned within the work of memory. Each year, it decreases in volume by 1–2 %, that is why the danger of dementedness will increase with age.
    If you would like to measure to a sophisticated age and stay in your right mind - frequently load yourself with activities within which the center muscle is actively acquiring. Walking is nice too.
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  9. Motivate yourself..........
    Try to make every effort to achieve your goal. The best motivation is the realization that you can die at any time. Live here and now, this is the best worldview, because it most favorably affects the nervous system.
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  10. Appreciate what you have...........
    If you are suddenly upset by a situation, just imagine that everything could be much worse ... This is another piece of advice for those who want to always maintain emotional balance.
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