The lungs need to be kept well, take care.

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We do not know how bad the condition of the world is today. People today are tired of the invasion of an invisible enemy. Coronavirus is one of the major terror in the present world.


The main attack on the coronavirus is the ground lung.
The lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. Many important functions of the body, including breathing, oxygen entering the blood, carbon dioxide emissions. Lungs are the driving force of animals. Due to healthy lungs, people live a healthy life.
Coronavirus disrupts the normal functioning of the lungs by entering the lungs through the nose or mouth, and gradually impairs its function, pushing people to death through breathing problems and various complications. The way you take care of your lungs.

According to researchers, antioxidants - vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E - are drugs for the lungs. Sodium, selenium, magnesium rich foods are important. Ginger, garlic, colored vegetables, fruits, oily fish, talk fruits, mustard, aroma, apples, oranges, broccoli, eggs, cauliflower, etc., have many essential vitamins and minerals.


These antioxidant-rich foods stimulate the lung's damaged cells.


And drink water like quantity.


You need to quit smoking. Smokers' lung cells are up to 90 percent weaker than normal, so they are more likely to have respiratory diseases. One of the more important tasks to keep the lungs good is to exercise regularly.


Exercise allows a lot of oxygen to enter the body, and repeated stretching can increase the function of the lungs. Walking 15-30 minutes daily, breathing heavily and without breathing on time, regular exercise is good for the lungs and the whole body. Deep breathing exercises release toxins from the body. By doing regular yoga, the lungs are strengthened and the lungs naturally cleansed.

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