Playing with food for 30 days

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Playing with my dietary intake is a bit of an on going quest for me. More than going on a diet alone for the sole purpose of weight loss I like to experiment with what I eat to see how it makes me feel. What if I changed the way I ate and it changed my life?

I believe food directly effects our health, how could it not? Food goes directly into our body and fuels our lives. Up until summer of 2014 I was pescaterian for 6 years, that is choosing a mostly vegetarian diet with some fish on the menu. I was working out really hard, doing crossfit (not doing crossfit any more but that is another topic) that year and my coaches continuously told me I needed to eat meat to see more gains. I eventually got curious enough to give it a try and I've been on the meat ever since.

A lot is going on in my life and lately I have been feeling very low energy and just tired over all. Could be all the smoke in the air, our province is on fire after all but I can't control that. Something I can control is what I put into my mouth.

I am going to start a 30 day veggie challenge where I will not eat any meat for 30 days. I will be posting recipe ideas every few days to showcase how much you can do without meat.

When we are not sharing a hotdog 🌭 👆👆👆

My intention is to maintain a balanced diet and experiment with some fun new vegetarian ideas. I would like to end up with more energ and a clearer mind. If anyone would like to join in and share their struggles triumphs please do and keep in contact.

I want to make sure I am prepared and have my kitchen stocked so I will start this challenge August 21st. Follow me it you want to join in or hear more about my next 30 days!


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