Major health stories last week...........

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The Ebonyi State government confirmed the death of one doctor and a nurse from suspected Lassa fever infection.

The National Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, also confirmed that the state notified it of a cluster breakout of the fever in the state.

There were also reports of a doctor infected with the disease in Kogi state.

NCDC has however deployed an emergency response team to assist the Ebonyi State Ministry of Health in response coordination, contact tracing, case management and strengthening infection prevention and control, IPC procedures.

Medical supplies and drugs were also given to support case management in the state.

Nigerian soldiers, policemen have high HIV risks – FG

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, said statistics showed that the police and the armed forces were among six groups with the highest risk of HIV virus in Nigeria.

NACA Director-General, Sani Aliyu, while delivering a lecture at the Ministry of Defence Health Implementation Programme in Abuja, said statistics showed that 220,000 new cases of HIV infections were recorded across the country in 2017.


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