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RE: Keto Muscle Cramps and Electrolytes

in #health4 years ago (edited)

I drink something called


one of the few things that does not make my stomach crawl. its awesome. if you cant find that in your local health food store. I have another suggestion.

P.S. the magnesium may have you on the Royal Thorne for too long take it slow. A better way is to soak in Magnesium Salts and drink lots of water after, it is a detoxifier, and a muscle relaxant. Also you can get magnesium cream.


Thank you for the suggestion! I didn’t realize Emergen-C had anything other than vitamin C. The problem with ketosis is that 8mg of carbs is a lot for a supplement and it doesn’t give enough magnesium for the boost I need.

As for the other part... that explains a lot! 😂

Nope it is an excellent Electrolyte replacement. Full of anything you need. comes in many flavours. any more questons ask away ..I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

It’s always good to have a holistic nutritionist around... especially when you’re changing your diet to get rid of all things bad.

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