Side effects of toxic parenting

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  Hello every one of you who is reading this post. So, as the title says this is basically me saying some side effects that toxic parenting can give you, worth mentioning that it can persist to adulthood if not treated properly. I will try my best to keep this simple and short so you don't have to read alot in here. Remember, healing comes from a place of understanding, if you grew up in a toxic environment, i'll shade some light of the patterns, situations that are hard to understand.


 1. Higher risk of developing anxiety disorder.


 When you live in a disfunctional family, you have higher risk of developing anxiety disorder, research in 1998 discovers that people who are exposed to toxic parenting are more likely to develop generalized anxiety disorder regardless if they were young or in adulthood, out of many adults who participated in the study, researchers found that factors like income, education, origin of country had no effect on whether they would develop anxiety, but toxic parenting did.

 2. Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd).


 The more abusive your parents are whether it's physical, emotional or both, the more likely you are to suffer PTSD. Abuse causes people to be more alert because they anticipate more danger in the future, this can lead to chronic anxiety, memories of abuse playing repeatedly, emotional numbling and not being able to see the future because they are afraid that they can't escape the present danger that they feel all the time. 

3. Being highly self critical and blaming yourself for everything.


 If you are a highly sensitive person then you may have grown sacrificing your self-esteem for love, parents who does conditional love will make their kids feel like they are not worthy of love, as a result they are pressured to prove themselves worthy of their love, if they make a mistake or do something that upsets their parents they will be highly self critical and blame themselves. But, this is how they remaing hopeful, when kids believe that once they fix something or get better at something then maybe their parents will start treating them better.

 4. More likely to experience health problems.


 According to a study done in 1985. Those who are in disfunctional relationships were at higher risk of developing heart problems compared to those who din't grow up in toxic families. The cronic stress that you experience from toxic parenting can also affect your immune system. Psycholosgist Dr Ramani Durvasula stated that constant arguing and disagreements and close relationships can affect your immune system. The more tension and abuse kids experience from their parents the more likely they can get sick.

 5. hard time saying "no" because your boundaries weren't respected.


When you grow up in a disfunctional household boundaries are non-existent because they are often crossed, if you grew up with a narcissistic or alcoholic this is especially the case, perhaps they depended on you to take care around the house or maybe they never respected your individuality because they always saw you as their own product, its hard to say "no" when you don't have control over your life.

6. Developing insecure attachment that can effect your relationships.



Growing up with toxic parents can influence you to seek comfort and love elsewhere or it can cause you to fear relationships when you've developed trust issues. Insecure attachment comes in 2 forms: anxious and avoidant. Anxious attachment is when the individual latches onto someone strongly, they feel as thought they have to constantly prove their own worth to that person. Avoidant attachment on the other hand, is when the individual becomes self-reliant and refuses to depend or let others in. When you grow up with toxic parents it colors your relationships you find yourself in with those persons.

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