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They don't care about your health, only about your money!

Preach it brother!! Science shows it and religion and human wisdom has been at it for thousands of years. Humans know that we don't need all that junk. But as soon as commercialism came into the picture the human being was lost in exchange for a product. So the insatiable desire left in man that was once satisfied with the relationship with God and other human beings is not thirsting after product. The ironic thing is that product can be a health food product as well. Consider the price of Avacados because 1.2 billion consumers discovered it was beeificial for the heart. (CNBC) So it turns out the rich are eating well and exercising but people who struggle to make a daily income really can't think about eating healthy food. They just want to be satisfied and that's where the sweets come in. They give instant gratification.

As for teachers it is hard for us to stop giving sweets. It is like cigarettes in a prison. This is hard currency in elementary school. The kids get stamps and cash it in for sweets.

I'm glad for you and I can see a new hope for America. After healthy diet is movement. Living in Korea 20 years I have been moving lot on my feet and up stairs and through parks to catch the train. In America I didn't mover much. Although a pain, it is a blessing to get outside my comfort zone and live and learn in a foreign country.


I don't know if there is much hope for america to be honest. I feel like I am one of the few who actually care about health here. Consumerism drives everything and it is only getting worse, no one at all seems to care about health anymore.
I am glad you are healthier now that you moved and that other countries still promote health more than the US does, but the truth is the "american diet" is spilling over into the rest of the world and causing more problems then anything.. It scares me that this could get worse before it gets better.. thats why i like to try to inform people with articles like this.

Thank You. Reading words is on step closer to changing habits. I also realize America is great and you will understand but when it comes to food and cars there is too much of it. Others countries don't think they are eating "health food" just food their ancestors ate. Its ironic. Thanks for caring.

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