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Hello everyone ... In our kitchen we have many products that apart from using it in the preparation of our meals, they also serve for many ailments or illnesses that we can present with our organism ...

Such is the case of sodium bicarbonate, which can be used in the kitchen as an ingredient to soften grains and meats ...

For people with kidney problems, and low sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water is used ..


Sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water is excellent as an antacid ...

For oral cleaning, it is used as a paste dissolving in water and brushing our teeth, at least once a month, helps to whiten our teeth. It is recommended to dissolve very well, that no bicarbonate lumps remain because it can scratch the teeth.

Bathing with baking soda relaxes our muscles and neutralizes skin acids.

To combat bad breath there is nothing better than to make gargles with baking soda dissolved in water.

To exfoliate and cleanse our skin, the bicarbonate is excellent. Always dissolving in water and applying on the face helps clean, take care of our sensitive skin.

To counteract the bad smell of the armpits, the bicarbonate is used dissolved in water using it as a natural deodorant ..

With the continuous use of sodium bicarbonate we can say goodbye to the ugly and anti-synthetic dark circles. Applying small compresses around the dark circles are decreasing their


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