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I know this is a very touchy subject but I feel it is so important that I must talk about it even if it means loosing followers.

There are many old sayings that express how important our health is to us. "Without our health we have nothing," "All we got is our health," "you are what you eat," "your body is a temple," -bible "health is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver," -Gandhi. The list goes on and on and nothing could be more true. It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much money you have, if you are unhealthy then you can not enjoy life.

In todays society we have normalized some very unhealthy behaviors. We have learned to eat "food" that isn't really food at all. We have learned to eat according to a clock instead of according to when we are actually hungry. We eat when we gather with friends, just for something to do. We act like dogs and reward ourselves with "sweet treats" when we do something well or accomplish something but also when we are sad, bored or lonely. We have become mindless eating machines and our health is paying the price!

I too have fallen victim to this terrible mindset in the past. Up until last year I was overweight and extremely unhealthy and I thought that was just the way I was suppose to feel in my 30s. Then I woke up! I realized that eating healthy organic foods, exercise and fasting (yes fasting) are all very important parts of life. I know people think this sounds crazy but fasting is one of the most healthy things you can do for your body. Don't believe me? Look it up. Even check the Bible, Koran or whatever religion you believe in, I am positive it talks about fasting because they all do (not that I am religious in any way, I am just educated in that area). It is extremely important for our bodies to cleanse everything out of it through fasting. It is good for our brains, our bodies and even our mental state.

The body is not meant to be constantly processing food, it is meant to fast occasionally so it has time to clean up the rest of the toxins in the body. As great as food is for us, we don't need it nearly as much as we have been convinced we do. You have to understand that food is an industry, it is a business, and all that business wants to do is sell you on their product! They don't care if it is good for you or bad for you, as long as you are willing to pay for it they will tell you whatever you want to hear. They will tell you that something is healthy for you even if it is not. They don't care about your health, only about your money!

When I talk about fasting I don't mean you have to starve yourself for days on end, just skip a meal or eat breakfast a few hours later. Don't eat those snacks in the middle of the day or before bed, have a little bit of self discipline (I promise it is worth it). If you do that a little each day it will all add up and you will be feeling way better in just a few months.

I intermittent fast at least 5 days a week, what that means is I don't eat for a 18 hour window and then I can eat whatever I want in the 6 hour window. So I eat "breakfast" around noon, then I eat dinner around 5 or 6pm, nothing before or after that. I know this seems crazy hard but I promise you its not if you work yourself up to it a little more each week, it actually becomes easy. I honestly don't really even think about food until about 11am now and then its just mind over matter for an hour. I know I won't die if I don't eat and I know how amazing I feel if I reach my goal.

Between walking a few miles daily and intermittent fasting I lost 25% of my body weight without even trying! And to top it off I got off a bunch of my medications. After that I felt so good I wanted to do more, so I started eating all organic. You would not believe how much healthier you feel after just a month of that. Seriously, there is a day and night difference in how you feel once you get all those processed (fake) foods and fake sugars out of your body. They are poison.

Next I started a light work out a few days a week, which ultimately turned into a hard work out 5 days a week because I was feeling amazing and wanted to do more for the first time in my life. It was like a snowball affect on my health, I went from a sick and unhealthy person who was prescribed 13 medications to being in the best shape of my life on zero medications in just over a year. If it was possible for me then it is possible for you too!

I always tell everyone I know that if there was a pill that you could take to make you feel as amazing as I do every single day, people would pay whatever the cost. Truth is, that "pill" is free. It is eating organic, exercising a little, fasting occasionally and not putting un-needed garbage into your body. But since it takes a little thought and some effort no one seems to want to do it. Like I always say, the best things in life are free, and that includes your health! It doesn't cost any money to be healthy, it just takes discipline and consistency.

The real problem is everyone always is blaming everything but themselves for their health. I get it, I really do, I was the same way too. Truth is it doesn't really matter how you got to being unhealthy, you just need to worry about how to change. Now is the time to take some responsibility for your health, it is time to do what you know deep down is right for yourself. Remember to tell yourself food is fuel, NOT fun! Fun is being able to enjoy life, not feeling tired or sick all the time. When you get healthier you will have more energy throughout the day, you will feel better, sleep better, be more positive and will just enjoy life more!

Stop with all the excuses and the blame game and take the step today to be healthier, it is literally the most important thing in your life. If you can't enjoy life to the fullest you aren't living, you are just existing.

Stop existing and start living!

"Peace, love and all that hippie shit"

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Oh I appreciate it.
You are honestly too kind! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't think I was even good at writing, lol.
I really appreciate all the generosity with the upvotes and all the amazing comments, you deserve a million thank yous for all the hard work you do everyday! The size of your upvote doesn't matter much to me, its all the support I really appreciate. I understand you have many people to curate so don't ever feel bad about spreading the love ;) Thanks again for everything. I promise I don't take it for granted at all!

What a brilliant post! Upvoted an re-steemed :)

I think everyone can take something from this. Just a small step to start can make such a big difference. I never got just eating for the sake of it, my sister once said 'You only eat when you're hungry' I just thought that was normal. It's amazing how many people can't walk by a box of biscuits or sweets without taking one. It's only when you look that you see it! I think the 'intermittent fasting' sounds really interesting, I'd like to look more into that and how it works.

Thank you so much for the resteem, I appreciate it so much!

You are lucky to not have the eating urges like many others do. What most people don't realize is sugar is not only a poison but also extremely addictive! And since corn syrup is in nearly everything these days a lot of people don't eat because they are hungry, they eat because they are addicted.

Intermittent fasting is so healthy for you it is ridiculous, I definitely think you should take a hour or two and check it out. ;)

Hi @moderndayhippie
I'm glad you're putting people's thoughts in order about food and health. All this propaganda of harmful food and old habits lead to real genocide...
Food is the basis, fruits and vegetables are our natural remedy and energy.

What is it with intermittent fasting? I'm suddenly seeing posts about it all over Steemit this last week. Maybe it's a nudge I need to get started on it again. 😊

I did intermittent fasting, 2 days week, for more than 3 years after watching the Michael Mosely documentary about it. I found it was a really easy way for me to keep my weight down without having to worry about what I was eating.

Then we had a load of family weddings, parties, holidays etc and I was only able to do 1 day rather than 2 days a weeks. As a result I started putting on weight.

So I switched back to more regular healthy eating 7 days a week and haven't gone back to the intermittent fasting.

I found it easiest to eat nothing until I had a latte at 3.00 with an oak cake. Then I would have a meal of around 350 calories in the evening.

Maybe it's time to start again to take advantage of the heart health benefits.

Maybe it is the universe sending you signs!? ;) I have done one other post about it about 5 months ago but haven't personally seen any other articles about it..

We all know how life gets and how easy it is to fall off the wagon of a good habit. Good thing is it is never to late to give it another go! If it worked for you before then you should definitely start it back up. Not only will you loose some weight but you will feel better and have more energy. There are honestly to many benefits to even name ;) do yourself a favor and try it again!

In my religion "ISLAM", within a year we are MUST do fasting one month in ramadan , not eat not drink, not make love with our wife. from dawn to sunset
and is recommended to fast sunna 2 times a week ie on Monday and Thursday.
and additional on certain days of the day on other days of the year.

Fasting not only nourishes the body but also keeps our hearts in order to empathize with the poor.

Nice share, I resteem and upvote this post.

Happy Fasting

@azmielbanjary I come from a country that is 60% Muslim, 40% Catholic and Greek Orthodox. We were 500 years under Ottoman Empire which explains the higher % of the Muslim population. All three religions fast but in different ways. The longest fasting is the Ramadan. I grew up during dictatorship and the word religion was nonexistence. However knowledge and health benefits of fasting were shared with us as kids. We didn't fast, but my grandparents did. They will say: fasting is about discipline and temporary stopping bad habits (grandma loved her 100 coffees per day).

So interesting to learn about ur past. Sure sounds like you know a thing or two.. thanks for always having such awesome comments, and for having discussions with other people on my page too.. so glad we met 😊

the benefits of fasting very much will not be enough to write it here.

May peace always be with us

I was actually referencing Islam, specifically Ramadan. 😉 I was in Iraq for a few years and learned much about the religion through my interpreter. I was very facinated with fasting for this very reason! Thank you for explaining Ramadan for other people to learn about too. Take care.

So appreciate with what you do.

hopefully you see Islam from its source ie The The Holy Book Al quran, not just from people.
Because a a few of us is a misunderstanding or not doing what have told todo.

For example, "the cleanliness is some of the faith, but some still littering"

Thank u for the kind words my friend.. To be honest I do not practice religion at all, but i respect your faith for sure.. i am personally at a point in my life when religion is not what i need, i have tried it. I believe everyone has their own path to take to find whatever it is they need to feel fulfilled in life. We are all on different journeys and need different experiences in our lives to feel complete. I am happy that Islam fills that void for you, but for me it is something totally different..

may we always be on the right path to do all kind things to our society and nature. That is the beginning of an essential peace will come.
And that why our religion named "Islam", it mean Peace for the universe.

Nice to know ..

Best Regards


Amazing post of positive experience shared through your blog to our community @maoderndayhippie ! Loved this post really ! So happy to hear you are talking back your life from these "usurpers" ) I did the very same as you, but long ago when times were tough and I had little money ! So i discovered the power of fasting by say " enforced experience " as I ate strictly good but simple food in a balanced amount depending on my hunger and true activity level ! Keep lean and mean and you will find happiness and with it power and success !! Steem On to that eh Brother ?? )

"Stop with all the excuses and the blame game and take the step today to be healthier, it is literally the most important thing in your life."

" It doesn't cost any money to be healthy, it just takes discipline and consistency."

" because I was feeling amazing and wanted to do more for the first time in my life."

Thanks for sharing! resteeming. It's a very important topic and I totally support your perspective.

I definitely agree on intermittent fasting! I have never felt better and I've been doing it now for about 7-8 months (and am down 60+ lbs, too) and it just feels so much more natural to me than trying to eat the 5-6 meals a day "rules" that I tried to follow for years!

Great post!

Not every one can have 5-6 small meals a day. It all depends on body type and overall health. Eating habits, got to love that junk food. How does the 5-6 meals/day works when we take elevators and drive even to locations that are a block away? Why are kids overweight (the true meaning of the word is literally fat). It's a very disturbing fact that a doctor can't tell a patient he/she is fat. Why are we dealing with diabities? In most cases diabetes is curable, just needs a dietary change. Why society play words not to hurt people's feeling, it's actually doing more harm by not sharing the true meaning and the risks associated with overweight.

SO TRUE!!! It was like you stole the thoughts right out of my head with this entire comment!

I really hate that I can't use the word fat, and now even "overweight" is somehow becoming unacceptable? So I find myself having to use "unhealthy" quite often in replacement. We have become a society that can't speak how we feel anymore, and that is scary! Glad other people are on the same page.. :)

My other half is in the medical field and so are majority of our friends. They ALL complain about how hard is to do their job. My friend got a very bad review bc he (endocrinologist) said "your child is fat, let's work quickly together and change it asap. The kid is borderline, not sick, and my only prescription is immediate strict diet." The kid was eating in his office a mega bag of cheeseballs. With the changes in health system doctors will drop patient like flies... because they will not get paid if the patient does not get well in a certain amount of time.

Ugh, people disgust me.. they never want to call the truths, everything is blame and excuses! If people would just take a little responsibility then they would be so much better off!..

stop running from the truth!
-David Goggens (toughest person in the world)

If parents wont admit their child is fat then he will never have a chance at getting healthy!

I am so happy for you! :) Glad you found something that works and is healthy too! I tried the 5-6 meals a day too and never had any luck..

You also get to save money ;)

food is fuel, NOT fun!

So many people use food as their source of variety, entertainment, fulfillment. Why? Because food is one of the few areas of life where we feel like we have full control. It's so easy to go to the supermarket or a restaurant to get exactly what you want. So instead of working toward what we want in the more important areas of life, we use food as a crutch to fill the void.

Stop with all the excuses and the blame game and take the step today to be healthier, it is literally the most important thing in your life. If you can't enjoy life to the fullest you aren't living, you are just existing.

Bit of a wake-up call here. My diet has been pretty spotty lately. As I focus on writing more and doing other things, diet is one of the first things to falter. About to go cook some homemade split pea and ham soup for dinner. Maybe I should make time for a walk as well.

The funny part is that we actually actually dont have any control! The illusion is that we get to choose, but the truth is corporations have been telling us when and what to eat for all of our lifetimes. People shouldn't eat 3 times a day, or at a specific time or even pay for this garbage they claim is "food" from restaurants and even grocery stores now..
Homemade meals and walks are both extremely important so make them a regular thing in your life and your body will thank you ;)

What an insightful post into your life and your knowledge. I've heard about intermittent fasting from my buddy and he swears by it. I'm glad youve helped me to see the light here.

I'm currently not eating much food at all because of money troubles so I guess I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Once I'm back in the clear and have the resources to provide what's necessary I will definitely be taking some of your advice into account.

Bookmarked on my desktop and saved for later! Thank you very much.

Have a nice day pal.

Sorry to hear you are having money troubles, that is never easy. I hope things turn around quickly for you. I know being hungry sucks but let your hunger give you motivation to do something great in life. Never give in to the easy meal, always push through for the prize. The ones who always follow their dreams no matter what are the ones who always win in life! You have to understand life will give you hardship to see if you are worth the reward, if you give up the universe doesn't reward you.. Keep going when times are tough and the universe will reward you greatly.. Take care and good luck my friend.

They don't care about your health, only about your money!

Preach it brother!! Science shows it and religion and human wisdom has been at it for thousands of years. Humans know that we don't need all that junk. But as soon as commercialism came into the picture the human being was lost in exchange for a product. So the insatiable desire left in man that was once satisfied with the relationship with God and other human beings is not thirsting after product. The ironic thing is that product can be a health food product as well. Consider the price of Avacados because 1.2 billion consumers discovered it was beeificial for the heart. (CNBC) So it turns out the rich are eating well and exercising but people who struggle to make a daily income really can't think about eating healthy food. They just want to be satisfied and that's where the sweets come in. They give instant gratification.

As for teachers it is hard for us to stop giving sweets. It is like cigarettes in a prison. This is hard currency in elementary school. The kids get stamps and cash it in for sweets.

I'm glad for you and I can see a new hope for America. After healthy diet is movement. Living in Korea 20 years I have been moving lot on my feet and up stairs and through parks to catch the train. In America I didn't mover much. Although a pain, it is a blessing to get outside my comfort zone and live and learn in a foreign country.

I don't know if there is much hope for america to be honest. I feel like I am one of the few who actually care about health here. Consumerism drives everything and it is only getting worse, no one at all seems to care about health anymore.
I am glad you are healthier now that you moved and that other countries still promote health more than the US does, but the truth is the "american diet" is spilling over into the rest of the world and causing more problems then anything.. It scares me that this could get worse before it gets better.. thats why i like to try to inform people with articles like this.

Thank You. Reading words is on step closer to changing habits. I also realize America is great and you will understand but when it comes to food and cars there is too much of it. Others countries don't think they are eating "health food" just food their ancestors ate. Its ironic. Thanks for caring.

I go between meals naturally and have done so for my entire life. I'm not sure why, because I am often hungry.. I'm just too busy to eat or something! I'm rather skinny too. But I'm not sure it's healthy.. I feel I should do the opposite of fasting and really indulge myself for a while instead so I can gain some weight :S

So many people, all different troubles!! :)

lol, I never think eating more is the answer, unless you are truly anorexic.. To be honest there are very few people I have seen in my life time that are actually so skinny it is unhealthy so I would just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.. The problem is most of society is overweight now and they wont admit it.. I don't consider myself too skinny but I hear that at least once or twice a day from people who are truly unhealthy (fat)! lol I think they do that to make themselves feel better.. I think ull be alright ;)

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Then I woke up! I realized that eating healthy organic foods, exercise and fasting (yes fasting) are all very important parts of life

You have spoken to well. In fact we dealt with the issue of how fasting helps our bodies some time ago on @air-clinic and it was well explained by @amarbir. Thanks again for your post.

Awesome!! Together we can all help to educate people about health and lead them to better quality lives ;)

Wow, so you went from fasting periodically to having a full time workout regimen. That just goes to show how when you start feeling better, you want to KEEP feeling better.

I started a low carb diet a while back and it's amazing how quickly I was feelOmg better!

yeah, its crazy how much better you feel when you take care of your body.. now i feel lost if i miss a day of working out.. I do cardio and calisthenics every day and i have never felt better in my entire life!

Glad to hear you tried something that works for you.. just keep adding to it and one day you feel like a super hero! ;)

One of the best blogs I've read in Steemit, thank you sir @moderndayhippie for sharing your tips for a healthy body. Indeed, "what we eat is what we are..." and I really like this:

Stop existing and start living!

Oh wow, thanks for the awesome compliment! I am glad you enjoyed the article. I try to educate people through my own experiences in life.. :) thanks for stoppin by and leaving a comment.. take care

Oh bro, have you heard of keto diet? You should try it! My friend nvr felt healthier before!

Yes, I have heard of the keto diet. I know many people enjoy the results of it. Problem with me is I am an extremely picky eater and a lot of my foods fall in a category that wouldnt be aloud in the keto diet. Also i am not in a diet at all, i just had a lifestyle change and dont eat any food that isnt organic. A diet is something temporary, hence the outcome is temporary.. With a lifestyle change u dont ever go back to ur old ways 😉

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My husband and I many moons ago had the pleasure of having Ann Wigmore speak at a workshop we put on. Wonderful knowledgeable woman... of course she has passed since then...I see you have a quote by her. great post btw

That must of been interesting!! I honestly don't know her work off hand but I am sure I have read some of it in the past. I am glad you enjoyed the article.. thanks for taking the time to check it out and leave a comment.. :)

Such an awesome post....
Eat to only stay live not just for the sake of eating.

Excellent advice and I agree, fasting is necessary. I have researched this a bit and the logic makes sense for me.

Thank you for this informative article, my friend.

Glad you liked the article and agree with it ;) Hope you have a great day.

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I have heard some good things about the intermittent fasting, my wife even gave it a shot at a time. It is quite difficult at first.

It is a little bit hard at first. Most people have been giving into eating urges for their entire lives, so retraining your mind and body isn't always easy. But what you have to remember is that you will be fine. Humans can go literally weeks/months (depending on your body type) without food, so a few extra hours a day wont kill you! ;)

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True that! Fasting has numerous health benefits, including weight loss, it lower blood pressure etc.

We do this in the holy month of Ramadan for like 18-22 hours a day, and yes there are proven medical benefits of fasting like:

1 - Level of cholesterol decreases if you eat Organic or healthy stuff when you break the fast (Exclude the oily Fritters, junk etc).
2 - You get full soon by eating little food.

Exercise alone cannot do wonders. People like me "Working in the graveyard shift" face this problem almost everyday. I work, eat, sleep that's all I'm doing these days, and it is effecting me a lot. Like I'm overweight and I have started noticing shortness of breathe. FML

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Yes dear health is every thing for us

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