Drinks that help to heal bones and surrounded tissue

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adult-athlete-cramps-460550.jpgJoint pains is an international pain among older people, so in one point or another you are going to have this pain if you didnt take the extra steps to strengthen your bone and ligaments.
Let us see the leading factors to that pain:
Osteoarthritis: it is the disease of the joints and mostly the hands, hips, knee and ankle joints.
Injuries: like twisting your hip or knee while walking or falling down, slipping.
Vitamin D deficiency and that is the most common issue in today's world. Vit. D strengthen your bone and regulate the calcium and phosphorus levels.

Treatment: of course there are lots of different treatment for this issue, but recently I found Gelatin drink, and was really helpful, to reduce the pain and add some strength to the muscles.

As we all know that Gelatin is used in sweets, and that is fine, but if you make a drink by buying gelatin powder then the amount of gelatin intake will be more.

Gelatin : It is made from the animals skin and bones to make collagen, which is the material that is needed to strengthen your bone and hold joints together.

How to prepare Gelatin drink:
You can find Collagen powder in any pharmacy in the supplements area.
Add collagen to your cold or hot drinks or even to your food.
The formula as follows:
1 cup of milk or any drink (250 ml) and 1 spoon of gelatin, mix well and drink daily.
After two week you will notice the difference.

Enjoy health my friend.

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