How to get rid of snoring

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when you can not breath smoothly by your nose and throat, the surrounding tissues will vibrate and that what makes the snoring sound. 

Snoring is a product of many factors such as: Medications, improper Sleeping position, allergies, sinusitis, adenoids.  

Why we snore when we sleep? 

Gravity pulls your tonsils and palate. backwards when you sleep. Which narrows the passage of the air and that leads to a tissue vibration. Snoring can be moderate and can be heavy. 

Snoring Treatment: 

Do not try nasal strips nor sprays, they are commercial over the counter medicine not more.

Operation, though not always a good choice, some felt better after surgery and some did not feel any improvement. If you decided to avoid surgery then there are good tools that you can try to help you and your lover to sleep better. 

Most of these devices take time to adopt to, so give it a try. 

There are special pillows to help you sleep nicely and some felt better while others did not. 

Snoring tools, that another solution that some reported a better sleeping using them. This tool is a piece of plastic and you have to put it in your mouth then sleep. 

Here is a list of some good snoring tools: Snorerx snoring mouthpiece, Good morning snore solution, snore ex snoring mouthpiece. How to choose the suitable snoring piece: It should be free from LATEX , It has to last more than 6 months , easy to clean and maintain. Why you have to try these solutions before you to to surgery? Surgery is not the answer and there is always risk on your life with surgery. These tools provide fast results. They are not pricey and you can find them easily in any drugstore. Remember to see different tools before you decide on the one to try.


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