Muscle building foods

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Here are best bone and muscle building foods. Gym is not enough to build muscles and enjoy a good health. You need fuel and it is in this list.
Let us start with the excellent source of calcium and protein.
Milk contain lots of protein to restore your body's energy. When I say milk I mean of course yogurt, cheese and icecream. 1 cup of milk gives 5 gm of protein
Beef and Salmon contains lots of omega 3 and protein. It create muscles and boost your immunity.
Banana the most liked fruit. rich in vitamin c which can help fight flue and the free radical in your body.
Corn is great source of protein. It is the best tool to prevent heart issues and support weight loss
Oat: Excellent source for fibers and for protein( half cup of oat had 5 gm of protein.
Egg: We all know that eggs are healthy. it has high quality protein. And that is needed to build bones and muscles. A medium size egg contains 6 or 7 gram protein.