Miracle Morning Day #1 Rise and Shine!

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Before you read this check out https://steemit.com/life/@mysted/this-will-transform-your-life-endless-energy 

This will explain what the Miracle Morning is and I encourage you to start this aswell!

Waking up!

I have set my alarm clock at 6:00 Am. It went off and I immediately woke up, turned on the light. Then I went to check my phone to check the state of the cryptocurrency world. (Yeah I am an addict to it).

I actually didn't sleep that long maybe for like 5 hours, I couldn't fall asleep cause I was to excited to wake up this morning! 

It was a very relaxing morning it was still dark outside and it had been a while since I woke up this early, so not seeing the sun while waking up was new again for me. Well, I got out of bed and drank some water, brushed my teeth and it was 6:10 when I was in the living room.

The Miracle Morning

Time to start my actual routine! Started off by turning on some nice chillstep music and started doing my Yoga moves. I like to start with exercise because it wakes me up more. The normal MM routine starts with silence but im usually still to tired to do 'Silence'.

After that I start stretching and do some push ups and situps. Now I am all warmed up and it felt great. Then I got a cup of coffee real fast and started to do the 'Silence' part. 10 minutes of mediation, I usually focus on my breathing and it calms my thoughts down. This time I was still a bit active in my head thinking about a lot of random stuff. After 10 minutes it was getting less and less and made me more relaxing.

So after this I did my Affirmations and Visualisations. 

My Random thought

When I was trying to meditate a thought came into my head that was pretty awesome and philosopical. I obviously heard it before but can´t remeber from what. Probably a Youtube video. But I was thinking about, `whatever you think will shape you in how you react to others or how you feel.` This is maybe a little obvious. But it struct me and gave me a very motivated feeling. 

But in practical sense.. if you think positively in most situations, you´re going to feel more positive aswell. So whats important about this is that you have some sort of control over the way you feel and behave. 

Anyway I thought I´d share that part with you. 

After that I took a quick bite and hit the gym at 7:15AM. I felt very very energized the whole day!

Have an amazing day, and I hope I inspired you to try the MM aswell!


I love this and I love your posts! I am new to Steemit but I love everything it stands for (ok I will calm down on the love front!) :) I am a yoga teacher and I am fascinated with technology and especially cryptocurrency right now. Reading your post I can imagine how amazing you must feel every morning, and I can see why you get excited at night to know that when you wake up you will feel so great because of the actions you take. My aim is to spread love and positivity to others and encourage them to live a healthy and zen lifestyle so they feel the best versions of themselves! So I am very pro what you stand for too :) Thanks! :D

Haha great that you love it. Do you also have a particular morning routine? I dont do this every morning though. But I use this some periods where I feel I need to up my game again hehe. But I always love doing it! :)

I have always been more of a morning person! So I wake up naturally quite early and enjoy stretching/training or walking/running and stretching, meditation and going through tasks for the day/Emails /notifications. The miracle morning makes so much sense to me and sets you up for success and positivity. We should host a miracle morning challenge? :)

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