Miracle Morning Day #2: Little struggle

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This will explain what the Miracle Morning is and I encourage you to start this aswell!

Second day little struggles

So I went to bed pretty late, like 1 AM. I wasn't really happy about it. So 5 hours later my alarmclock went off. At this time it was 6 AM, and it was very hard to wake up, I must have woken up in a REM sleep, cause I felt awfull. I turned on the light as soon as possible. But thoughts were racing through my head: 

Oh man, I am way to tired to go to the gym. I have to stay in bed to have enough energy thoughout the whole day. If I only could sleep for one hour extra. No, I cant do that I wont have enough time to do that before going to work!

The discussion in my head I needed to win. So it went on. And eventually I was like "No, I have to go otherwise ill be dissapointed thoughout the whole day!

This is a thought that will force me to do things wich I need motivation for. What helps for me is to focus on the end goal and how you will feel after its done.

So in this case I focussed on the feeling that if I didn't go I will feel dissapointed, wich is a negative feeling that I want to avoid! This technique helps me to do homework, household jobs and ofcourse going to the gym!


While I am training at the gym I do mostly compound excercises. Like Squats, deadlifts and benchpress. It really trains your body to get stronger and better in shape it is really fullfilling to see your own progress and I feel 100% better. In my power, confidence and overall feeling. While I was sitting in the sauna I was thinking about how glad I was that I got out of bed!

After the Gym

I felt amazing and fully energized and I was glad I went to the gym. At this moment it is 9AM. Im starving and im in desperate need of something to eat! So I went for a "turkish pizza". I encourage you, other steemians to try this routine aswell! 

Checkout my first post and start posting your results and experiences in the comment sections! I am curious to know!


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Start the Miracle Morning for a better and healthier life! It´s really fun to practice! :D

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