Find out some of the easy ways to remove gas from the stomach

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Only those who suffer are aware of how painful it is. A little froth or a call, eating spicy food in the party starts to cause uncomfortable gas problems. In the fast food and busy life, gas and stomach disorders have now become a domestic disease. Gastric 1 leaf medication is definitely available when you go to any home. But what is the problem of the heap of gaseous gas?

There are some ways in which the gas can be easily avoided by chewing gum if applied. Let's not know how you can get rid of this gas.


Too much effective diet to keep the cucumber stomach cool. It contains flavonoids and anti-inflammatory components that produce abdominal gasses


Yogurt helps in increasing our digestion. Due to this fast food digestion, thereby eliminating the problem of gas in the stomach.


Papaya contains enzymes that increase digestion. Regular eating habits of papaya can reduce gas problems.

Art and orange

Bananas and oranges help to remove excess sodium in the stomach. This helps to get rid of the gas problem. Besides, bananas have the ability to remove constipation due to slurry fiber. Eat at least two bananas throughout the day. To keep the stomach clean, the pair of matching pair fair.


Ginger is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory foods. If the stomach is in the stomach and gas in the stomach, then garnish the ginger with salt and eat the raw, you will see the problem of gas will be solved.

Cold milk

Cold milk from stomach acetic acid regulates gastric acid. If you drink a glass of cold milk, the acid is away.


Very good for digestion. Gas spray with a glass of half a spoon of cinnamon in a glass of water will keep the gas away from it 2 to 3 times a day.


Zero is very effective in the stomach gas, vomiting, disinfection, and purulaprint. If it is fever, add 50 gm of ginger juice to make 10 grams of five pills mixed well in the molasses. By eating pills once a day, sweating will reduce fever.


On the one hand, cheeks, vomiting, gas was removed on the one side of the mouth with 2/3 cloves. With the smell of the mouth is removed.


The urinal remains away from clove powders like cloves.

Mint leaves

Eat five cups of mint leaves in a cup of water. There is no alternative to keeping stomach hollow, nausea away.

Fennel water

There is no gas in the water after frying it.

Add it to the grease

Helps to clean gas. Various foods are added to grease so that those foods do not cause gas in the stomach.
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