🌱 Food Prep, Wine, & OITNB 📺

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Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 that this pic posts right side up....😤

Doing some plant-based fitness food prep and drinking some bourbon barrel aged cab
😍😍 🍷

I hardly ever watch tv (I don’t even own one 😂), Orange is The New Black is a guilty pleasure though!! 👩🏼‍💻

How about you? Do you have a tv or Netflix series that you love??


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I already watched the whole OITNB series in one day 😂😂

I’m doing my best to space them out 😂

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Yum. Yay Food! I miss wine.🍷😯

My wife and I’s favorite show is called This is Us. We watch it on Hulu.
If you like stand-up comedy on Netflix, I highly recommend watching Happy Face by Ryan Hamilton. We’ve already watched it a few times over 🙂

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I stopped at Bourbon.... :D

I've watched all the seasons of OITNB except for the latest one that just came out. I'm totally obsessed with watching Friends re-runs right now... even though some of my shows have new seasons - I'd rather watch that right now for whatever reason! :)

Looks like you are cooking up something yummy!