3 Spices That Just May Jump Start Your Metabolism

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If you are interested in losing some weight, and more importantly keeping it off, it is time to kick-start your metabolism. Truth is, some people have a faster metabolism than others. This doesn't mean you can't increase your metabolism. There might just be a way to boost your metabolism just by what you eat.

Fact is, adding these 3 spices to your meals may give you the boost you are looking for.


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When your blood sugar increases, so does the amount of fat that is stored. Cinnamon can make it easier to maintain weight by help regulating blood sugar. Cinnamon also uses extra energy to metabolize, so this can have you burning calories faster.

Another benefit of cinnamon is that of being an appetite suppressor. It can make you feel full by slowing down the process of how fast food moves through your stomach.

Cinnamon can easily be added to your diet. Try sprinkling some cinnamon on your yogurt or over your oatmeal. You can also add it to your protein shake, coffee, or tea.

Cayenne Pepper

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This spice can really jump-start your metabolism There is a natural chemical in spicy food that can have your body burning more energy. Increasing your temperature with heat, your body will burn more calories by trying to cool itself down. However, over time, your body can become accustomed to this extra heat, so it will take more heat to triggere the cooling down process.

Cayenne powder can easily be added to your diet. Add it to stews or soups in small amounts. Another popular way is cooking chicken wings in a sauce with it. Just a small pinch of cayenne pepper can actually increase your metabolism by as much as 25% for as long as three hours after consumption. So it is important to really watch the amount you use to get this metabolism boosting benefit.


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Garlic can be used for more than fighting off vampires! It can also fight off the fat too. It can help decrease the production of fat and increase the number of calories burned. The decreasing of the production of fat can also help regulate cholesterol. So not only can you boost your metabolism, you can get other health benefits from garlic.

Garlic also works just like pepper because the body will have to work harder to cool down after you consume it.

Garlic can easily be added to your diet also. You can add it to sauces, mix it with mash potatoes, or sprinkle it in on some bread.


Try adding these spices in your diet and get a boost to your metabolism today!

Do you eat any of these spices?

How do you add them to your diet?

Do you feel like it has helped with your weight loss efforts?

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I still wonder why my race , Pakistani are still so fat (some of them) they use so much spices in their food hehe

lol Thanks for the comment.

Indeed a super blog. Will surely try to boost up my metabolism.

Thank you very much.

Just wondering why have you not included Ginger and Honey in it, both are very good to improve your metabolism.

Yes ginger and honey are great also but I just wanted to keep it at three for this writing.


After seeing this post, I will definitely go for a diner in a cajun restaurant :P