Homoeopathy Is A Science and Art

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I have visited a homoeopathic doctor for treatment of my stomach problem yesterday. The doctor has given me medicine and I came back to home. Suddenly, I started to think about homoeopathy and decided to know about it. In my point of view, the homoeopathy is such a procedure of treatment with natural medicines which is using by around 200 million people around the globe for treatment of their chronic diseases. Homoeopathy is based on the principle "Like Cures Like." It means a disease occurred from a large matter can be treated by getting a small amount of that large matter.

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Collectively, in Homeopathic medical treatment, every patient is treated by considering his nature and taking him as an individual case. Under homoeopath, the treatment of disease is suggested by keeping in mind the patient's body, mind, thinking and emotions etc. The homoeopathic doctor suggest medicine to a patient by keeping in mind the whole detail of patient so that patient may get well soon without getting side effects of medicine.
Homeopathic medicine are safe for use because rarely the side effects of these medicines have been observed.That is why homoeopathic medicines can be fed to patients of all ages under the supervision of specialist doctor.

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Homeopathic medical treatment has been used worldwide since 200 years. Number of people are getting treatment from this branch of medical treatment.
The name of Homeopathy has been deduced from its inventor's name, Samuel Hunman, which is derived from Greek word meaning "Like Cures Like." Hunman was born in Germany 250 years ago. Homoeopathy is based on science and its procedure is an art.

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As far as the amount of medicine is concerned, minimum dose is given to a patient and try to get rid of the disease by using minimum dose.
It is concluded that homoeopathic treatment is based on science and it is an art under which patient is treated as an individual case. A Minimum dose of medicine is given to a patient for getting recovery from disease. Another pertinent point is that the homoeopathy does not have side effects.

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the article is very interesting. I just know homeopathic treatment. thank you

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