Poor Blood Circulation and Its Symptoms

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The human body consists of around 60 thousand miles blood vessels in it. These blood vessels form blood circulation system by attaching itself to heart and other muscles. Blood circulates in the whole body with the help of this network.However, when a problem occurs in this system, the blood circulation starts slow or block. Due to which the cells of human body do not get necessary oxygen according to its requirement. So people having the knowledge of blood circulation can avoid the symptoms of poor circulation of blood.

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The legs or feet may get cool if blood does not circulate properly and sometimes these parts of the body become shun. Another reason for poor blood circulation is the skin becomes dry and veins become visible. Poor circulation also causes hair fall and nails become ugly. Furthermore, in case of sugar patient, it causes the healing of wound slow.

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Like other parts of the body, the brain also required a healthy supply of blood so that it can perform its functions actively. Poor circulation of blood to the brain can affect the thinking problem and can lead to serious nervous problems.

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Another symptom of poor blood circulation is that there may be ending of desire for eating. Proper blood circulation is required for digestion of food in food vessel and taking it to intestines. So poor blood circulation system can easily damage the digestion system of the body thus causing to decrease hunger and can affect the metabolism.

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Poor blood circulation can affect the flow of oxygen in the body. It can also affect the generation of hormones, vitamins and minerals which ultimately lead towards the tiredness. The tiredness can make people irritated and disturb routine tasks.

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Poor blood circulation also produces dark circles under the eyes due to which the personality become damage.

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In severe cases, the poor blood circulation causes swelling in hands and feet that result in ending nutritional impairment and the ability to maintain fluid in the body.

It is concluded that for living a healthy life, there must be proper circulation of blood in body otherwise body can become prey to different diseases.



if there is already poor circulation (like in the legs), what could be done to correct it?

The best thing is an exercise to save yourself from any disease. secondly, the blood test like CBC or HB must be carried out in order to find the best possible treatment.

superb! thanks for the tip.

Great bro this information is very informative to me but i have some doubt can you explain