Good health

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Good health means the soundness of body and mind. There is a wise saying that health is wealth. But to keep healthy we need to follow some rules. First, we have to maintain the rules of taking food. All foods are not equally good. we should eat good food,. Good food means the right kind of food for health. It is nutritious and it contains naturel substances that our body needs to grow properly and stay healthy. Secondly, We have to take exercise regularly. Young people can have a lot of exercise by taking part in games and sports. Elderly people can have physical exercise by walking or jogging. one must take exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Thirdly, we should maintain the rules of hygiene. We have to take bath everyday. We have to wash our hands with soap before taking meals and after using the toilet. A also we have to brush our teeth twice daily after breakfast and before going to bed Fourthly, We have to keep us stress free. For this we have to keep good relation with people. We have to have a should sleep, drink plenty of water. However, despite maintaining all these rules of health we have to consult a a doctor If we fall sick. These are, in short, the best ways to keep us healthy.