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The last thing you want to happen during a holiday travel is to get sick. Well since last month, the 2019-nCoV (2019 novel CoronaVirus) has ruined the holiday trip of many many people and in some serious cases it has also taken 213 lives (as of today).

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2019-nCoV a new strand of human transmissible coronavirus

The 2019-nCoV was first detected early December 2019 and an outbreak was detected in Wuhan (China) mid-December 2019. Its origin is said to be coming from bats being sold illegally as food in an food market in Huanan that sells live animals from around the world. However, according to LiveScience no bats were sold in the Huanan food market so it has to be through an intermediate host animal that was infected by consuming a bat as described by CNN

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.31.42 pm.jpg
Source: WSJ

Fear is the path to the Dark Side

According to the W.H.O., The Flu (Influenza) kills 650 000 people every year, yet many people are skipping their Flu shots and don't mind taking public transports and turning up at work coughing and sneezing.

Thanks to all the media coverage, the awareness of 2019-nCoV is widespread and has both positive and negative impacts. On the good side of things, thanks to China herculean effort to control outbreak and share the findings on the virus, other countries are now able to get ready to prevent an epidemic. On the negative side, it is triggering fear amongst many which then leads to racism attacks and misinformation.

2019-nCoV is to be taken seriously but we should all (the whole world) work together and help each other not blaming other countries for their different culture or eating habits.

Why do Chinese people eat all sort of animals including dogs and cats?

Actually, not all Chinese people eat all sort of animals including dogs and cats!

China has a large and diverse population and is its cuisine. Not all Chinese people eat strange things and the reason behind the consumption of all things that moves is coming from its history and culture.

As we all know, China as a huge population and providing enough resource for every one had been a struggle. Brutal famines made a lot of victims so people had to survive by eating what ever they can put their hands on.

Medicinal properties from eating certain animals or parts of animals are coming from deep believes back from many generations. The lack of easy and affordable access education didn't help either.

My wife is Vietnamese but one striking stories she told me was that when she was still a kid, her father was in jail for fighting against the communism and got kicked out of the family home and went in the jungle to build their new home. Eventually, the communists also caught her now single mum of many kids while she was "illegally" dealing rice (yeah, not drug) to feed the kids. So they ended up several years on their own catching what ever they could to eat, some times eating clams day in day out or cooking snakes or whatever animal that they can catch.

I'm Vietnamese, born in Lao. I left Lao for New Caledonia when I was 2 years old but my parents and grand parents were also born in Lao. During their times, it was not unusual to survive on just rice and fish sauce for several days. There were times when my grand parents had to not eat so that my parents and their siblings could. My mum often counted stories of how she struggles getting enough food so that she can breast feed me and she believed it was due to her poor diet that I often felt sick.

Another criteria is the Buddhist ideology, like the Vietnamese people, Chinese people try waste as little food as possible and make use of anything that is available. That being said, many Buddhist followers in China and other Asian countries are vegetarians.

It's time to act based on facts

The whole world needs to come as one and share effort to stop the progress of this new virus.

As of now, the numbers being shown is far from being comparable to the one of other viruses so racism attacks are not acceptable (they never are).

If you have travelled to a high risk region, on your return, put yourself in self-isolation. 14 days is the recommended time which equals to the maximum observed incubation period of the 2019-nCoV virus plus some safety net days. If you start getting a fever or other symptoms such as chest tightness, fever, cough, shortness of breath and respiratory issues. Wear a medical mask to prevent spreading the virus on others and on nearby surfaces.

If you have friends or family members who have travelled to China recently, help them during their self-isolation. Wearing a mask wouldn't help you much when trying to prevent to catch the airborne virus unless it's a mask that fully seals your face but then your eyes are still another way for the coronavirus to get into your body.

Simple but effective hygiene practices go a long way:

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Bring some hands sanitizer with you to use where you don't have nearby access to clean water.
  • Cough/sneeze in a tissue and get rid of it. Do not cough/sneeze in your arm/elbow. You are just loading up that area with germs and then the next time you cross your arms your hands are now loaded and you start spreading the germs out by touching the next object.
  • In doubt, don't get too close to infants and young children as their immune system is weaker and are more prone to severe reactions. Same goes for elderly people.
  • Avoid hand-to-face or wash them first. The 2019-nCoV cannot go through our skin and requires us to bring it to the path way into our body.
  • Do not share food utensils.

What is up with me?

As you could see from the photo above, me wearing a mask is not just for the sake of this article. Three days ago, I started to feel weird, and then for the next two consecutive days, I got a constant fever with headache, skin soreness and diarrhoea. No cough, no respiratory issues so I thought I got food poisoned from eating oysters the day before feeling unwell. For safety measures amid these health events, I went to the local clinic to get my blood tested. They also performed an ultrasound scan of my abdomen and confirmed a disfunctioning intestine. The blood test, however, showed that I had a drop of potassium level and that I have contracted the Dengue Fever virus. They sent me home with a bunch of medicine to take including a fever reducing drug, some salts and vitamins to compensate for the inability to digest food properly and some drugs for the diarrhoea.

I really don't want to see my Dengue Fever to evolve into a Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. It had been almost three days of total exhaustion and any food intake just comes out as is... Lucky as of today, I have ups and downs which allows me to get to the clinic but I can't imagine how this would feel like if it evolves into a more severe case.

So I'm also looking for some alternative treatments and found out there are some positive preliminary reports

My wife is now sorting our my VISA extension and we are re-scheduling our flight back to Australia just to be safe, don't want to feel sick in an airport or being delayed by the screenings at our arrival.

For this new year of the rat, a flying rat is ruining it all.


Sorry to hear that, hope you will get better soon.

Thank you

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My brother, how are you now?God bless you.


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Interesting to read about your parent's stories.

Sorry to hear about Dengue Fever - hope that is sorted soon.

Cheers. I don’t often tell that story but it has a context and purpose in this situation.

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Quite interesting really. One has to be contious

Oh no, you got dengue... For most people here when they get it they are always confined in the hospital. Good to know you're doing better than most? And yeah try alternative food medicine. It can really help even just a little. 😊

As for nCoV, my only hope is more people learn how to be responsible when they are sick. A lot of times there are those who just don't care and cough or sneeze without covering their mouth/nose. Your advice is better than most. One must use a disposable object like tissue and not just a handkerchief that can hold and spread the germs/virus.

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I wasn’t hospitalised probably because it’s just a surgery and/or my case is not a severe one (yet?) I don’t have rashes anywhere on my body. The drugs they gave me are just symptomatic treatments (fever, salts and minerals). While the papaya leaves have potential to actually help with healing faster.

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Oh I see perhaps it's mild dengue? Yeah hope you get better soon. 😊

Shivers, @quochuy - hope you are okay and recover fast. I've bought face masks for our trip but I'm pretty nervous still. Travel safe. @riverflows

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Thank you @riverflows.
I went to back to the clinic for my daily follow up blood test and some of my blood cells count have dropped compared to yesterday. Dr said to expect feeling worse in the last three days than it was on the first two 😰

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Oh my take it easy and rest up. You certainly want to get well before flying or else they think you have the virus and won’t allow you back home. I’m sure work is fine if you taking sick leave while overseas as well :)

True. Work is fine indeed

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Hey! Dengue fever sucks 😕 Growing up in Asia, Malaria and Dengue always scared me. Feel better soon, rest a lot, drink a lot. Where are yout atm? Vietnam?

Take good care of yourself, yeah 🤗

Now that I have experienced it, I know why people are scared of it. I’m still in Vietnam.

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Yeah i agree

Oh man! I hope you feel better! I agree that there is so much ignorance and fear surrounding this coronavirus. My husband and I live in Vietnam and it seems both Vietnamese people and foreigners are going beyond reasonable precautions and starting a bit of hysteria. I hope being sick doesn't complicate your travel plans.

Thank you. Getting better now. Apparently my platelets count is not dropping that much so I’m all good. Rashes have disappeared, now I’m just feeling shit with some digestive issues.

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Get well soon.

Thank you

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You're going to have a much harder time fitting in by spamming everyone in unrelated comments.

Although you are not carrying nCoV it works be advisable to get quarantined until the the full cycle has passed.
We all must do our part.


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Dengue fever again comes around here Mexico too and if one person gets it, the whole village has to be fumigated. I do hope you get better.
I think more people have died due to coronavirus closer to 100,000. I read an article that the Chinese government is trying to cover it up and even people who spread rumors or upload videos get thrown in jail.

Let’s hope it’s not true man. But not impossible but in the short time frame of almost a month that would be a huge number.

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I hope you will get better soon.

Thank you

Right? How ironic is that a year of rat starts with a plague?!


Dear @quochuy

We're living in such a strange times. 2020 started with some real crazy twists. We hardly managed to avoid conflict between US and Iran and now China is struggling with corona virus outbreak.

Just a moment ago I've read that Starbucks is closing down 2000 it's branches all over China. Did you know that?

I believe that after chinese new year - people will be to afraid to go back to work. So export will most likely collapse. Businesses relying on products build in china (importers) will start having really difficult time - simply because of lack of the product.

I'm seriously worried,
Yours, Piotr

Indeed, 2020 is starting pretty badly. I really hope it will progress into a more peaceful year.

The impact of this outbreak is surely wider than we can think. I heard about the Starbucks closing down half of their stores. It will reset a few things for sure.

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Damn bad timing of this virus... Stay safe mate! And damn dengue, never had!

Cheers from NZ.

Thanks bro.
Dengue is draining you out, worse than Flu. Not wishing this experience to anyone.

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This virus is really a threat to the world. Many heads of state have banned their citizens from visiting China, especially the city of Wuhan

Yes this is a global concern but we should all keep calm and take hygiene precautions.

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Oof that's still not a fun thing to have D: Get better soon and absolutely do not get any worse!

I've got similar stories from my parents (particularly from Dad, seems Mum and her sisters spent a lot of time in and out of orphanages and boarding with relatives to ensure adequate food and shelter growing up) about having nothing to eat but rice and soy sauce (which came up as when my kids were small I would sometimes just make that for them either as a quick and easy lunch option and sometimes because they literally wouldn't eat anything else).

Thanks. Trying to take a lot of rest and fluid.
“Because they literally wouldn’t eat anything else”, this sounds familiar to me too lol.
Sometimes having just rice and soy sauce/fish sauce is considered lucky. At least you have something to fill your stomach with.

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People really got this by eating bats? Why would anybody want to eat a bat...? 🦇

Well apparently they got it eating snakes that ate bats. But as explained above, the habit of eating snakes, bats or other animals comes from history. When you are hungry, you eat what’s available

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I hope you get better soon. Blessings

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time to prepare for death rather than busy protecting for viruses lol

Thanks for sharing. I've been following and watching these guys for years but now more than ever their insider knowledge is very vital to listen to

If youre Asian i immediately assume you eat dogs. Dont give me the:

"Diverse population" story.

Black folks like chicken and white people cant dance.
Dont you ruin my prejudice!

Get well ;)

Dude, this coronavirus thing, or Dengue come to that is no big deal, as long as you know what to do.

Firstly, don't believe the media hype which is to spread it further by way of a virus of the mind. If you believe it, then get a few similar symptoms and have fear of getting it, this weakens the immune system so much more likely to get sick.

So the way to stay healthy is to research, learn to be your own doctor, eat very clean, vegan high raw or better yet juice or water fasting, with urine therapy.

Dosing properly with MMS (chlorine dioxide) will get rid of coronavirus and Dengue. Papaya leaf juice too will help. I helped two people with suspected Dengue recover very quickly with this formula.

Check out this post re coronavirus and chlorine dioxide

and check out my post here for more general info

Also Note:

A source within the CDC has shared information with the Dark Truth revealing the US Government believes that the recent mysterious coronavirus may be a Chinese bioweapon. Originally developed in a military medical research facility outside Shanghai, the new virus was designed to weaken and subjugate freedom fighters in areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong. The plan was to use the virus to crush the movement that was building up to a full-blown war with China.

Happy to advise further re MMs dosing and more.


Ps. Stay off the meds (imo), they will make you sicker, especially in the long term.
PPS. Don't believe a word I say, do your own research
Ppps. Check out another reply I made re coronavirus here

Thanks for coming by. I have not been eating much and drinking coconut water instead but my family runs a vegan restaurant so food is not an issue here.

Chlorine Dioxide is actually toxic with bleaching effect and used mainly as surface disinfectant. The fact the coronavirus is killed by it is a good thing: we can clean our home to make sure to not spread out when a self-isolated potential carrier is moving around.

I do agree with the fear factor.

Everything is toxic if too much is taken. MMS (activated sodium chlorite solution) is taken in minute quantities is NOT toxic (and actually on the poison scale is less toxic than table salt! Don't believe the big pharma shills who are paid to scare you into not using it.

The MMS Health Recovery guide is the only up to date and correct protocol. I have it if you wish

And fasting with coconut water is also an excellent solution. I would add Colon cleansing too, twice daily enema with water (and urine too would be good, and even with MMS - instructions in the MMS Health Recovery guide)

Peace brother

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