Foods that keep diabetes under control.

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The diabetes problem is now home. This is a disease that increases the human illness over time. This is a metabolic process related disorder. Due to diabetes, the body is unable to produce enough insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels rise abnormally.

When diagnosed with diabetes, the doctors said that it was the first time to stop sweet foods. At the same time the routine changes. Then only the Savior became insulin injected. However, daily insulin injections can be kept under the control of diabetes without domestic use, at a very minimal cost. There are four foods that play in blood sugar levels are completely under control. Let's know what they are ...

Wheat: Wheat is very beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes. Diabetic problems are very much in control if you eat the flour of the bread.

Karla: Studies have shown that the curl contains elements that are more effective than anti-diabetic and insulin injections. Doctors say that if the raw leavening or caraway juice regularly eat diabetes will have problems.

Crocodile Seed: The intake of diabetes is observed in the eating habits. In this case, a small amount of potato seed will be dry and dry with sun. Whenever you want to eat sweets, then when you put the seeds of a pigeon on your face, sweet eating tendencies will be reduced and simultaneously blood sugar levels are also in control.

Green leafy vegetables: According to doctors, any green leafy vegetable is very beneficial in controlling the level of sugar in the blood of vegetables such as pulses, pulp, radish etc. Those who are suffering from diabetes, if they can eat regular greens, there will be diabetes problems.