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RE: Between Vegans and Meat-Eaters, Which is the Healthier Lifestyle?

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I would love to become vegan. But I guess that would be impossible since it is very difficult to purchase or prepare food that are vegan friendly. Almost all people here prepares food with meat.


Going vegan can be really difficult in some places, @sakura1012, so you're absolutely correct about that. Some areas does not even really have shops that offer good alternatives to animal products, leaving it practically impossible to have a good vegan diet without ordering your food online or traveling far to get your hands on it.

Yeah and I think vegan friendly food are quite expensive too. I was thinking to be vegan to shed some weight but looking for alternatives is very difficult.

Yes, it's crazy expensive in some cases. The vegetables themselves are not really the problem, but getting substitutes for milk, butter etc. can be both expensive and difficult. Getting vegan milk made from rice is even 3-4 times as expensive as regular milk, which is crazy when you think about how cheap rice itself it.

I cant imagine having to spend much for vegan food but anyway we are talking about healthy foods here so it just balances things out.

@sakura1012, you'd only be vegan too in my country if you prepare your food from scratch. I'm yet to see a vegan-only food in any eatery nearby.

It is definitely a challenge to prepare your own food from scratch especially to people like me who cant cook. 🤣

I actually forget that some people cannot cook. Oh, boy!

Ahahha if cooking eggs count then I think I can cook. Lol

Hahaha, I can do that one easily :)

Yeah me too nyahahha