Beating the cannabis affects your way of walking - Study

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The cannabis is not just the brain, but it can affect the way you walk. It may seem a bit awkward, but yes, a new study has found that when you walk, the cannabis affects the elbow, shoulder and knees.

During the study, experts from the University of South Australia took into account 44 people, mostly of their 20 years of age. Participants were divided into two groups- Bhang smokers and non-smokers.


Participants were examined of balance and movements in their movements using speed capture system and clinical neurological examinations.

The results show that those who used to smoke the patient used to run faster than non-smokers in their knees. Apart from this, their elbows were showing more flexibility, while their shoulders were more rigid.

However, when neurological functions came in and there was no major difference in balancing the skill.

In the meantime, researchers are expecting how cannabis affect joints, as in some parts of the world, the formation of medication is in which there are many states across America.

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It feels like more and more unknown effects of cannabis are discovered every day since a few states in the US and some countries have legalized it. Further medical research is hopefully going to lead to to a worldwide legalization of cannabis.

Yes, more unknown effects of cannabis are discovered but still people are not aware of it. What can we do for them.

It must be used only for medicine.

They all knew what the effects were and now mking it legal they are all coming up with different things ......bottom line made it legal so it can now be taxed & they can mk $ also as it will fall under category driving impaired

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Thank you @sam99 This was very interesting. I didn't know that. I did have a knee problem developing once because I like to sit on my knees on a chair or on the floor. But then I started using medical cannabis oil and I haven't had any knee pain since - you've given me the probable answer, then.

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