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RE: Effects of Sugar- Our Hunger & Energy Levels

in #health2 years ago

Oh yeah awesome info! So funny, a bloke at work was saying he was trying so hard to cut sugar out of his diet. At the time he was squeezing a packet of yoghurt into his mouth, so I told him to turn over the packet and read it. Turns out that was his entire days worth of sugar right there. I honestly think our days worth of the processed stuff should be zero and embrace fruit sugar. I do get a bit mad and have to excuse myself from the room when I hear people telling other people to eliminate fruit from their diet because there’s too much sugar.


Ha! Great example of the hidden sugar!
Well at least now he can have a real chance to cut out sugar now that you made him more aware of where they can be found. Seriously I would eat like a kg of yogurt just as a snack in an average day in my old life :)

I guess I was having over 10 times the recommended amounts daily hahahahha

Aah that’s a lot of yoghurt, it’s completely easy to do though and sooo addictive.