Three quick bio hacks that often works wonders!

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One. Five small meals instead of three big meals.

Two. A glass of coconut water while working out in the gym.

Three. Seven glasses of home-made juice on Sundays.

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Just wondering, what is the source of these suggestions?

Based on my research, everyone's body is different and we need different practices for sustaining health.

ONE - concerning meals: for some intermittent fasting works, One meal a day is necessary, or 5 or meals per day are best.

When I wanted to put on 50 lbs of muscle, I was eating 4000 cals per meal, 5 times a day. Food was part of my daily workout. Trust me, it is a work out to eat that much. Just read about Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth's workouts.

TWO - Based on my research this is reliable. Also, lemon water or lemon-cayenne pepper-honey water. pedialyte. Rehydrating is important during exercising.

Also, remember to rehydrate after working out. Drinking or eating a mixture of Fats, carbos, and protein within 30 minutes after working out can replenish glycogen.

THREE - What is the justification for this?
Juice can have a lot of sugar so I would be careful about drinking this much juice. I like the question: Can you eat that much fruit?

I need some strawberrys . . i am hungry :D

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What are his small meals?
and what are his juice?

Juice is homemade fruit juice. Small meals means less food more times than more food few times.

Concise and clear. I so much love this @superstar2018. I will give it a try anyway.
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Sure seem like good ideas to me!
I love getting done on some homemade juices ! YUM

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Incredible, Not many you write, but this is very useful. Can you give me a snack sample like?

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