Interesting Over Night Beauty Tips With Honey

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I just wrote a blog on my website BEGINNIE and wanted to share it with my steemit friends . The Blog is about Interesting Over Night Beauty Tips With Honey.Hope you guys like it .


Honey is used as a natural antibacterial substance. Which cures different disease. If you have honey at your home than you no need to spend money on other is known to be multi tasked ingredient as it is known to be benefit for many skin masks and tutorials

As honey is beneficial for disease it is also much useful for skin problem as it is has been used for years giving away desired results and proving itself efficient.

Some of its night benefits are

1. Honey for Dry lips

If you want soft pinkish lips than before sleep exfoliate your lips by applying a thin layer of it over them.
The thick viscous texture of it will remove the dry dead cells overnight and giving a smooth look with radiant color.

2. Honey for Acne Treatment

For acne treatment apply honey on your effected area before sleep and then wash is off with lukewarm water the next morning.As honey is known to be treating antibacterial infections so it removes bacteria from your skin leaving it germ free.

3. Honey for Split ends

You can get rid of split ends by using honey with olive oil. Apply it to ends of your hair and keep it overnight.
The next day wash it off with luke warm water. The split ends will absorb the nutrients from honey maintaining their oil need.

3. Blackheads

To remove blackheads overnight then use honey with lemon juice on the affected areas before going to sleep.
Both ingredients will work together removing the dirt and later giving smooth skin.

4. Honey for Scars

For scars apply a thin layer of raw honey on them and leave it for overnight.
The mark and redness will be removed with the thick texture of honey

5. Lighten Hairs

Mix honey with Chamomile tea.
Spray the mixture on your hair cover them and leave for overnight.

6. Honey for Glowing Skin

Mix 1tsp of honey with 2tsp of aloe vera.
Apply it on your face before going to bed for a glowing skin.
Aloe vera will increase complexion while honey will give a smooth and glowing look.

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