Interesting Ways To Stop Hair Fall And Tips To Control With Natural Home Remedies

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I just wrote this blog on my website BEGINNIE and wanted to share it with you guys . The blog is about you guys like it.

Hair Fall:

Hair fall is one of the rapid increasing problem nowadays. Earlier it was just because of aging or decrease in hair pigment but now even youngsters are suffering from it mainly from stress and anxiety or depression. As much shocking as it is but its true.


Aside from it hair fall is such a down fall to a person look and posture causing baldness. Its really disturbing when you gets a handful of your hairs while showering or brushing your hairs. But still there are ways to treat hair fall or prevent it with simple measures.

1) Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is very affective to treat hair fall. Due to its Antimicrobial properties it is very useful in treating infections. It strengthens your roots and refreshes your scalp. Apart from it acts as best hair conditioner making your hair soft and silky.

2) Vitamin E capsules:

Vitamin E acts as major antioxidants promoting hair growth by reducing follicle damage. These capsules can be used with any oil but works best with coconut oil.

3) Banana Mask:

Applying mashed banana can also cure hair fall with its effects properties. Add little honey or milk for extra results. Banana adds intense moisture to your hairs freeing them from getting dry and frizzy.

4) Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

Avoiding harsh chemicals can also helps in reducing hair fall. Shampoos with such chemicals reduce your natural oils and proteins making your hair dry and dull causing them to become weak. Avoid harsh treatments and hair dyes.

5) No Heat Styling Gadgets:

Avoid maximum use of heat gadgets that majorly damages your hairs making them dry and rough. With their constant use your hair gets frizzy damaging follicles in the process aftermath of which is hair fall.

6) Avoid Stress:

Stress is the major cause of hair fall these days so to avoid it try avoiding stress. Depression and anxiety affects your body that results in loss of hair pigment. Tension weaken your hair and other parts of body.


Yes the solution of hair fall is coconut oil . And your post help some hair damage people ..

Thanks for reading

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