I believe if my memory serves me correctly he was repeatedly warned over a series of months to not do this but no action was taken. I'm downvoting as he has been on the radar of doing this and warned by refs for awhile but again when there are no real consequences I suppose some just stop wasting time flicking buttons or whining to others.
I have a feeling that will change soon, needs fresh blood .
Venzy, downvoting since am one of the most loosey goosey types on here and don't like gov. and am "live and let live". You however have been doing this for way too long.
@patrichulrich I urge you to consider his account for some action. He's been well known on this for quite some time I've heard. Thank you in advance.

It's up to you to find correlation between sports and diseases, neither am i surprised about you guys witch hunting. May i advise to you is that go and bless thousand of guys on this platform with little or no vote with your votes rather than hunting for me.

you did entire series with one sentence and a dart then you were repeatedly warned or helped and got better then put up something has literally nothing to do with sports. Witch hunting?
You can't play that card with a Jewish Broad, nice try though, I bless plenty, how bout you?

“Broad” I’ve always wondered about the register of that word. Is it an insult to refer to someone as a “Broad”?

Oh ok so it’s up to me - I didn’t find one (I’d have thought that was obvious from my comment) but worry not, next time you post this crap on STS I’ll be flagging without warning. How do you like that for a witch hunt?