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RE: Introducing Wellness SNiPs - Actionable Tidbits for Healthy Living [#001]

in #health3 years ago
This is a great idea! I try to eat in a somewhat healthy/conscious manner by watching saturated fats, staying away from "high fructose corn syrup," opting for "lower sodium" and things like that. But, I have definitely slipped in recent years in some other ways... "How did those donuts end up in my shopping cart?" 😁

Donuts? There must have been some mistake, or someone mistook your shopping cart for theirs😜.

One habit at a time, but we all have lapses. Best idea is to build those “lapses” into your schedule.

For instance, take one day every two weeks to eat all those things you think you’ve missed (except allergens like gluten) this won’t completely derail your health and alleviates any feelings of deprivation.

Thanks for another post idea and thanks for stopping by!