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RE: Between Vegans and Meat-Eaters, Which is the Healthier Lifestyle?

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in 2013, the percentage of females who are vegans in the USA are 78.51% which leaves a fraction of 21.07% male.

Think this is right, because even here on steemit, most of the vegans i know or have seen are females.

Thanks for differentiating between vegans and vegetarians. You know this vegan thing remind me of when i was doing my jamb registration years back, and the machine was just rejecting my finger print while accepting others. People around were just advising me to eat vegetable (efo mainly). Was not funny that day.

Not a lover of vegetables, but i think striking balance is needed.
Thanks for the informative post.


You should truly try more vegetables. The moms are always right, we should eat some vegetables. So does it mean the ladies are more health conscious or is it something to do with body size to conform to societal's standards for a "normal" body shape?