Daily Health Tip No 4 : Take Vitamin D If You Don't Get Much Sun

in #health4 years ago

Some time ago most of the people got their Vitamin D from the sun.But nowadays people don't go out more and stay indoors due to their job, work and restrictions like this hinder us to get vitamin D from the sun.
Moreover, most of the people live in those areas or houses where there is no sun or very little sunlight.

According to research in 2005-06 about 42% of the US population was deficient in this Vitamin.

So If there is no way of getting sunlight from the sun then you should do it bu some other means like supplements etc.

By supplementing Vitamin D you are doing yourself a favor because it prevents some dangerous diseases like depression, it lowers the risk of cancer and many more advantages like this.
And Vitamin D may also help you get stronger, increases bone health and helps you live longer.
So Vitamin D is very important for us and if we are not getting this vitamin from sunlight then we should do it from supplements.

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Cheers and Have a Nice Day

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