Healthy Garden Competition - ( The Prize Is 10 SBD ) - 10 Days - Day #2

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Healthy Garden Competition is for all users who like a healthy lifestyle. I have a garden that is organic, I enjoy the work that makes me healthy. You can compete with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, this is a place for lovers of a healthy life.

Winners of last competition:




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Place personal photo in the comments space
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Photo must be original ( Must be a personal user garden photo - max three photos)
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 10 days
Only judges can vote : @dobartim ( Fro now I am the only judge of this competition, and I chose winners )

1st place: 5 SBD
2nd place: 3 SBD
3rd place : 2 SBD

Judges :
Only judges can vote: @dobartim

Day #1


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See you on the top @dobartim


excellent this contest and more because we maintain through fruits and vegetables and healthy visa, beautiful this contest.

Thank you very much

@dobartim,thank you for this excellent work and for allowing us to use photos or content to show gardens through a selfie.

Hare rame hare Krishna @dobartim sir This is my entry for day 2
Money plant

Thanks, mr. @dobartim for curating this nice contest that allows me to honor my uncle Agustín Sánchez who left us as a legacy a small patio with different plants:


Pods that keep Quinchoncho seeds, a legume of great nutritional power and that produces several crops a year and last a long time.


Parchita or Passion fruits, still green, are very rich in vitamin C and a very delicious acid flavor.


Sábila or Aloe Vera plant, although it is a xerophilous plant adapts to any climate. It has many medicinal properties.

Excellent choice

Thanks, mr. @dobartim. This garden was a beautiful gift of my uncle until he died... A great and useful way people remember him ;-)

Thank you for helping us more healthy ;-)

You are welcome

This is my entry of Healthy Garden Competition Day 2


esta es una mate de tomate que tengo en mi patio ya tiene tres tomates pequeños

@dobartim sir i just wanna ask if i follow you and alos upvote and also resteem just can,t post a picture to you , can you just give me a reply on my comment ????? is it fair

Post a photo from your garden

Congrats for the winners...


@dobartim This is my entry in the Healthy Garden Day 2 contest My floriated coffee plant

I ❤️ this challenge sir @dobartim.
The tomato in garden, i hope you like it.


papaya fresca


Mi entrada. Este hermoso ramo de cambur guineo. Cosecha de mi abuelita. Saludos! :)