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Hello friends, welcome your friends, the danger of heart attack has increased a lot for some time now. This is due to changing catering. Now this disease can happen to anyone. Heart attack is a disease that is caused by blocking the arteries. Today, we will tell you about the types of heart attack prescriptions that you can get rid of the problem of life-long heart attack.
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Friends, wheat is its cure. In wheat, there is plenty of toxic and chlorophyll found. Which prevents the arteries from blocking. And in our arteries the blood circulation is fully realized. Come on, friends know about this amazing advantage of wheat. For this method first take 30 grams of wheat and put it in a glass of cold water and keep it in the sun for 3 hours. After that, take out the water from it and keep it in a cloth and keep it for 3 days. When the wheat germinated. Take it after lunch after lunch.
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You have to do it only once a year. This gem will increase the amount of toxic and chlorophyll after entering the body which will remain similar for one year. And in our arteries the blood transfusion can be freely used. By using this method, the risk of heart attack in our body will be up to 75 percent. We will be free from this serious illnessIMG_20180604_084356.jpg
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I just want to ask, is this remedy really working?

yes do it really works.. or it have any side effects please reply

Yes do it really
Works.. or it have any side
Effects please reply

                 - lovepreet2511

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