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RE: I Offer You My Heart.

in #heart2 years ago

Fuck! Not even your comments are published.
I could see them from steemd, in steemit you can't see them.

Sorry to know this is your last post.
I hope to find you on another platform. Do not stop looking for me please.
Let´s Write!


Ironic that this platform would actually run off some of the people that actually paid for Steem to be here. This latest attack again proves this point 100%. Reason given for flagging me? None!

Discord: onno#5732

I can send it to your wallet too, should you not find it here. Abrazo!

All the flags I can see flown on this post are from one person with a horde of bots: Bernisanders. He has a lot of stake, but he is not the community. Sadly, there seems to be some sort of alliance or cabal with Stinc and certain consensus witnesses he is in, which degrades Steem terribly.

I note much rhetoric from them about how valuable investors are, and then see actions such as this flagging of actual investors that reveals the truth about that rhetoric: it is empty words.

Do not lose heart. They can't flag that away, anyway.

I'm fully aware how it works here and who is what, but I'm walking away with the greatest gift I ever got. I was disappointed to see pages of flags again, but what I gained, they can't take from me. Your time and support, very much appreciated. Thank you!

i´ll see you at discord