HeartBit ICO Review: What You Need to Know about #HeartBit

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Conventional diagnosis tools have come a long way in pursuit for accuracy for the best possible solution to be administered. Accuracy in the medical field is very critical and stands between the patient’s life and death. The current tools have in several occasions failed at times when they are most needed and HeartBit has a critical solution.

Modern convectional ECGs are way too expensive for the normal user and a blockchain based one will lower the cost, time taken to access it and I will reduce the doctor-patient ration especially in developing countries where such equipment are perceived as luxuries and a preserve for the wealthy.

HeartBit is a powerful electrocardiography application poised to change how the health of your heart is monitored. The app will ride on blockchain and will be able to generate data in a secure and immutable environment. As a patient, the data will be kept private and will only be accessed through your consent.

How does the HeartBit Application Work?

The app is driven by the user behavior and the algorithm is a routine exercise based. The system collects both your medical and physical data for it work optimally which are send to your personal trainer or doctor. The data and information is securely and privately delivered to the right practitioner for analysis.

The medical experts use the same data to analyze your heart condition or health. The system is fool proof and is accuracy and precision is based on the blockchain capabilities. This is poised to set the bar in accuracy and a medical field and a major breakthrough that will help save millions of lives across the globe. 

Why Be Part of the HeartBit project?

Users will have access to a tool that monitors and disseminates real-time results for timely doctor or specialist consultation. This will save many from the risk of heart attacks or even stroke. You will have your heart health under your watch and be able to seek medication on time or once any underlying symptoms are detected.

Through use of the app, you will be able to know when you reach your limits and monitor your performance levels.  The state of the art tool detects your muscular mobility, heart beat and the environment you are in to provide accurate data.

Key HeartBit Features

The app comes fitted with sensors that will detect harmful gases that might complicate your heart’s underlying conditions and warn you early enough. This comes in handy in cities that are highly polluted. The warning will help steer away from exercising in highly polluted zones.

The app is light and easy to use and you do not have to be tech-savvy to use it. However, the system will only collect data and you can be able communicate with your practitioner and let them interpret the data for you and advice accordingly.

HeartBit ICO Token Breakdown

Project name: HeartBit ICO

Token ticker: HBIT

HeartBit: Official Website

HeartBit: Whitepaper

Price: 25 = 1 HBIT

ICO soft cap: $3,000,000

ICO hard cap: $30,750,000

Anticipated total supply: 200,000,000 HRT

HeaartBit Benefits

Participants in the project will have a native coin that they can use to access services on the platform. The HBIT token will be the currency used on the platform and used in the rewarding system, this coin will be tradeable with other digital assets in the market as a way to gaining liquidity. You do not have to use other currencies to access the app.

As a platform participant, you can join the in house reward program and track your health and improve on your lifestyle. The more improvement you make in the program, the more rewards or points you earn. This helps you keep fit and get rewarded for it.

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