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Cardiovascular disorders are one of the diseases that has contributed to the high mortality rates globally. It is estimated that in the near future, the medication cost of CVD will have risen to approximately 860 billion dollars worldwide.

Therefore, experts thought about this and innovated Heartbit in which its main aim was to alleviate socio-economic burden brought about by this disorders. Essentially, it focuses more on preventive measures by sensitizing people on appropriate lifestyles.


To start us off, we need to know and understand what the heartbit ICC project is. Therefore, it is important to note that Heartbit is a ECG (Electrocardiography ) component which is basically used for monitoring the health status of your heart.

This system has been improved by the implementation of blockchain technology which allows data security, especially for classified information. In simple terms, Heartbit tries to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular infections. Alongside those, people need to develop healthy behavior by being taught to undertake exercises and understand body changes.


Through exploration based on user awareness, a balanced system will be achieved by both organizational and on a personal level. This involves incorporating health insurance companies and casual users in the system.

Currently, in the market there is no comfortable, accurate data analysis system. This is where Heartbit comes in handy by availing a more comfortable device, which provides a detailed analysis and instant feedback which makes it user-friendly.


Previous research has shown that athletes who subject themselves to regular exercise are in a position to monitor their cardiac conditions. The demand for a wearable monitoring device is high since the better part of the general population are living unhealthy lifestyles. This is basically the main reason why devices used to prevent heart diseases have undergone a series of improvement over the years.

Continuous monitoring is advantageous owing to the fact that heartbit has outwitted barriers due to the high precision margin of its data. This has prompt most athletes to use it. However, the introduction of a heartbit to the market will accommodate casual users since they will be able to track their fitness. apparently, it will help them to make an informed decision in taking insurance cover which is essential for their health conditions, based on the rates plan.


Heartbit has been rated one of the best ECG devices that should be incorporated in our daily lifestyles to improve on our health by reducing the prevalence of cardiovascular risks. Heartbit has special capabilities of collecting and identifying important information which is essential in drawing one’s physiological status. Such conclusions provide a way in which users can make improvements towards their general health. The dashboard utilizes data to provide alerts which motivate the user to be consistent.

The algorithm used provides behavioral analysis which requires exercises on a routine basis. These are based on medical and physical background. It is important to make premium subscriptions which allow accessing live consultations with experts in nutrition and exercise trainers who will work closely with their clients to provide relevant advice based on data analysis gathered by the system algorithm.


Heartbit is powered by IBM Watson, which provides reliable data security. Therefore heartbit users are assured of the confidentiality of their information

Noise is minimized by software and hardware integration. This enables systematic signal transmission in the algorithm. Therefore it will offer training as per your goals according to the cardiac status.

Heartbit has a special sensor which detects an environmental threat like poisonous gases. this provides an insight on favorable conditions for workouts as it is displayed on the dashboard

Heartbit provides an opportunity to track your progress which is necessary for positive evolution. Users with heart diseases can monitor impulse transmission in the heart and the body.


HBIT (heartbit token) is a source which defines transaction utility for the entire system. Its demand has been denoted by donations that lead to heartbit program rewards through the redemption of the discounts.Users will be enlightened to use this tokens to obtain products and services being offered.

Token utility

It doesn’t provide organization representation, dividends, profits or any voting rights.

The HBIT token be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as an utility token. It has been designed to be used when obtaining heartbit services.

Token usage

This has allowed users to willingly donate using the app. The program access fitness basing on the achievement of goals. This provides transparency and the donors are assured that their donations are not misused. Additionally, one can share his/her medical records with research-based organizations in which the user will be credited with the tokens.

Learn more about the project

Website: https://token.theheartbit.com
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TtJqy593UTSGUXS7UFETNgrFh1SiXC4e

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