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  1. Oh earth, I speak to you, begin to yield your increase to my seeds.
    Let everything i put on this earth germinate

  2. My seed will not be a servant to their enemy.
    I will not beg my enemy for my seed.

  3. My seed will not bring me shame!

  4. Father let the good things of this earth locate my seed!
    My seed will not borrow or beg

  5. My seed will be a palace pillar in the kingdom of God

  6. No evil, stray bullet, sickness will touch my seed!

  7. Father, make me a wonder to my generation.

  8. Father, let it be difficult for the devil & people to explain me

  9. Father, whatever it takes for a woman to have honour respect & dignity, put in me.

  10. Father, clothe me!
    I shall not be naked in Jesus Name.

  11. Father, my children shall not be wasted

  12. My seed will not be a victim of evil substitution! They will not die another's death

  13. Father, reward me for my sacrifices as a mother & a wife

  14. My children will be kind enough to take care of me!
    They will marry into good homes and from Christian homes.

  15. I crush the skull of Every Abimelech (Alakoba) plotting against me and my children.

  16. My feet & that of my seed shall not step into trouble!

  17. I will not become a widow!
    Also,My husband will not bury me!

  18. My seat shall not be vacant!
    No one will represent me on the day of joy of my seed.

  19. I shall not be a victim of anyone's error.

  20. When it is sweet for me it will not suddenly finish

  21. God, fight for me & for my children

  22. I will see, reap & eat my harvest!

  23. Lord, the 3 things that accompanied my seed when them came into the world will not accompany them when they are going (blood -i.e. assassination, accident, crying/tears and nakedness)

  24. My children shall not be terrified in life

  25. I curse every devourer over my children's academics, health, finance, work, business, marriage.

  26. Lord Deliver my children from group afflictions & corporate embargos or embarrassment.

  27. I receive & declare championship academically & mentally, maritally, financially over my children

  28. My seed shall not stumble in Jesus Name .

As a mother, pray this prayer With one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.

  1. Every child that sucked these breasts and passed thro my womb shall not be slaughtered by devil's cohorts in Jesus Name.

  2. I cover my children with the Blood of Jesus.
    They will always escape the traps of the enemies.

  3. I will not weep or bury any of my children.

  4. My children are my garment of honor, therefore they shall not be ripped off by the enemies.

  5. Blood of Jesus, avail and prevail over my children.

So shall it be In Jesus Name. Amen.

In Jesus Name. AMEN

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