you are not destroyed

in #heartchurchlast year

Greetings my dear friends (as) the Lord continue to bless you.

There are days when you wake up and feel disoriented and the thoughts of insecurity form in front of you to attack you and want to take away your peace, I know that all of us as children of God have felt this way at some point and we must have a strong determination to to take these thoughts captive in obedience to Christ and put in our minds what is real.

What you feel is real cannot be denied, faith does not deny reality but rather combat it, that is why this verse today tells us about the real that we can feel but it also tells us the truth in the spirit.

We can feel ourselves, because the apostle Paul says "we see ourselves" troubled but not distressed, we are in tribulation but I will not fall into anguish because that would demonstrate unbelief.

We have victory in Christ, no matter how we look or feel for a few days, that is not the reality in the spirit, the reality is that I am not distressed, I am not alone, I am not destroyed, I am more than victor in Christ Jesus, the truth is that I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me, the truth is that God has enabled me with his Spirit and his Grace to overcome.

Take courage, breathe life from the Lord and see yourself as God sees you, as his son, his daughter who has a walk of holiness in front of which she walks and no matter how clumsy she does not deviate from him.