The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Resh

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Like the Alphabet, The letters in Hebrew are called the Alef - Beyt and they are presented on my blog from bottom to the top so you can learn them order, then to read them right to left. You will see what the original "Bible" said and what the names meant as they went through the stories of old.

Here is Resh: Symbolizing the head and other similar meanings first, front of, beginning, summit (top), cap stone and best. There is also a plant called "the head" which has poison in it, "rosh", otherwise known as gall. Resh has another meaning, that of poverty in the sense "to be poor" (rush) רוש .

It is the 20th letter. It is a consonant . It is also the number 200 when used as a number.

This letter is pronounced very much softer than an English "R" and it will take practice to learn. My first teacher pronounced Resh like a rolling Spanish "Rrrr" which is common in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

As a student, years ago I had to choose which pronunciation I would learn and practice. I listened to the Prime Minister of Israel and people who sing Hebrew songs to find the pronunciation that I am comfortable with.

I write this post hours ago...

Since then, I had recorded a reading in Genesis which has many words with Resh - the video is stuck encoding. While waiting I sang a song in Hebrew which is on its third attempt to put it up on (giving up)

If either finish this evening, I will post then or edit them into this post.

Where we are so far


Only two more letters and we will be reading! Well, there are many you can read already.

Let's also start studying our vowels. There are five sounds for them.

Here is a chart.

  • the square represents any letter.
  • the vowels are positioned as they would be in a written word.
  • there are five lines of vowels - five sounds

On the left a word that contains the vowel sound


On the right a representation of that sound.

They are nearly the same as in Spanish and in the same order!

I have to say that there are slight differences - one might be a little longer than the one next to it, but the sound is the same. There are also combinations that may extend the sound of a vowel. I will leave this chart on the next seven lessons as we go through more letters.

We will soon be reading so *get your Hebrew Bible soon! Click here to obtain the book we will using in a few short weeks. It is a free download - or browser usable

Thanks for taking the time to read.

2017-11-24 17.50.42 (1).gif


I wonder what this means... 777followers.jpg

The Number 777

The number seven has deep spiritual significance. It has been held sacred by the Hebrews and other Semite peoples since the dawn of time. It represents perfection and holiness. It is used throughout the Scriptures and in this sense is the Almighty's Number. We read of:
Samson's seven locks of consecration. (Judges 16:13-19)
The seven pillars of wisdom's house. (Proverbs 9:1)
The sevenfold sign of total commitment and dependence (2 Chron. 29: 20-21)
The seven lambs to attest the conclusion of a peace treaty. (Genesis 21:28-30)
The seven fold sprinkling of blood before cleansing was complete. (Lev:16:19)
The seven week count to Pentecost, the seven year count to the sabbatical year and the seven times seven year count to the Jubilee year. (Lev. 23:15, Lev.25:1-9)
The seven candlesticks, seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven plagues mentioned in the book of Revelation etc.
In addition to these examples, and there are many more, the Almighty has blessed each seventh portion of time in The Sacred Calendar: the The Seventh Day of the Week, the seventh year and also the seventh thousanth year period referred to by Bible students as the Millennium. Together with the Festivals of the God of Israel these all express the concept of totality, maturity, holiness and absolute perfection.
triple sevens (777) numerically symbolise Yahweh. He is the pinnacle of perfection, power and far as Scripture is concerned, seven is the number of perfection and holiness. ... the number 777 numerically expresses the Almighty's Truth as regards His 7th day Sabbath, His 7 annual Sabbaths, His 7th year Sabbath and His 7th thousand year Sabbath - the millennium.

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כן אתה צודק זה היה ברכה

אתה לא מקבל שום משמעות של פלא זה

אתה לא מקבל שום משמעות של פלא זה

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The numbers 3 and 7 are considered both "perfect numbers" under Hebrew tradition.

In Unix's chmod, the value 777 grants all file access permissions to all user types.

hello @hebrew i was very curios about this dybbuk box since i see about it in movie ,there was no any full information or history about its , but it's belong to "hebrew "so i think you are the perfect one to explain me what is dybbuk and what is the history about it... im just so curious person so i want to know about it can you tell me ???

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God always used number 3 and 7 in the Bible :)

Very lucky number... it looks like Resh Resh Resh

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Almost all religions emphasize "7". The universe witnesses the secret of 7: 7 times sky ... 7 sea ... 7 universe .. 7 times heaven, 7 times hell ... 7 times above ground, 7 times underground ... 7 holes in the ... 7 sleeps ... The last seven words of Jesus ... 7 basic colors ... The Kaaba has been around for 7 times ... There are 7 levels of Islam. The first verse of the Qur'an is 7 verses. In the Jews, the holy candlestick is seven-fold ... and many more ... an interesting knowledge ... shame ... premature born children are less likely to have 8-month-olds than 7-month-olds.I hope you will like my comment... @hebrew

Level: Basic
Hebrew uses a different alphabet than English
Hebrew is written right-to-left
The Hebrew alphabet has no vowels, but pronunciation aids are often added
There are several styles of Hebrew writing
Hebrew letters have numerical values
Writing in Hebrew may require a special word processor and fonts
The Hebrew and Yiddish languages use a different alphabet than English. The picture below illustrates the Hebrew alphabet, in Hebrew alphabetical order. Note that Hebrew is written from right to left, rather than left to right as in English, so Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and Tav is the last. The Hebrew alphabet is often called the "alefbet," because of its first two letters.

we are on the last lessons wow started and ended so quickly can't even imagine i am learning with you :) this is a great lesson and a simple i guess but there is something to be remembered to not make a mistake with other words

Thanks for sharing the word "Resh" its great to learn through your post keep sharing :)

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The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Resh in great topic.for sharing.


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A Hebrew Word with the Letter Resh: רוּחַ הַקֹּדֶשׁ --> Ruach ha Kodesh : The Holy Spirit.

Is the Holy Spirit God Himself ?

Is this also Shechinah ... the Divine Presence of God as He/She appears on Earth ?

Ruach ha Kodesh

The Holy Spirit (Hebrew: ‬רוּחַ הַקֹּדֶשׁ‬, Modern ruach hakodesh Tiberian ruaħ haqqodɛʃ) in Judaism, also termed "Divine Inspiration," generally refers to the inspiration through which attuned individuals perceive and channel the Divine through action, writing or speech. Through this they attain some degree of prophetic knowledge, and possibly convey it to others.

The phrase ruach hakodesh (also transliterated ruaḥ ha-qodesh) is used in the Tanakh and other writings to refer either to the spirit of inspiration as above, or to the general, indwelling revelation of the Divine Presence among also known as the Shekhinah. Although the term appears frequently in post-biblical writings, in Scripture itself, the term appears only in possessive form as רוּחַ קָדְשְׁךָ‬ ruach kadshkha "Thy holy spirit" (Psalms 51:11), and as רוּחַ קָדְשׁוֹ ruach kadsho, "His holy spirit" (Isaiah 63:10,11). Later writings identify other scriptural instances of the word רוּחַ ruach, "spirit," as indicating ruach hakodesh. In other contexts, Holy Spirit may refer to the divine force, quality, and influence of God over the universe or over His creatures....

Source: Wikipedia

Yes I was reading this, which contains Ruach, but the video didn't encode. Lots of words with Resh here...


At some point we need the teacher's voice with the pronunciation

I tried, but nothing is working. I tried but it won't upload (the song I recorded this evening) and I tried reading the above, but the video would not encode.

One of my followers sent me an audio reading, but it's fast and fluid. I will use that as a sample post after we have begun to read at a slower pace.

i think written is better then the video but sound can be very effective to understand words... because we catch very fast what we hear .. and i like you doing a very hard work to teach us its very appreciatable.. @ hebrew

excellent !!! @hebrew. There are many letters that have very difficult sounds for foreigners. because they do not have similar sounds

Thanks for highlighting these .... Reading now.

Resh is the second letter of the Bible .....

Thanks for a great lesson and for highlighting resh in the words, very helpful!

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Two more letter then it will be the end of the Hebrew alphabet! Your dedication and your teaching style made this great collection of articles which leads us to learn this amazing language! I know I am not fluent in Hebrew, but I could read few words now! Everything happens due to your great learning curves! Yeah, not only article you have taught us pronunciation via sound clips as well! Moreover your handwritten letters and words also helped a lot!
Great work and excellent collection of teaching sessions! Thank you very much for the effort you have put on this!


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It's great that you put in a lot of effort in your work. Highly appreciated 👍🏼

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כל הכבוד.

:דוגמא מהאות ריש

"ראשית כוחמה יראת השם"

שבוע טוב!!!

Great Hebrew and Biblical knowledge. I didn't know Hebrew had such different pronunciation per letter. Hopefully you can find your sound as you sing. Great blog.

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Genesis: בראשית : In the Beginning (BRaShyT / Genesis) ...

Creation is performed through Resh, our head. .... the very Fire that enlivens Life, that creates life and that establishes life, is in Resh: to spell the word Resh, you take the Hebrew word fire which is אש Aleph-Shin, "esh," and you put the letter Resh in front of it. So it is spelled ראש Resh, Aleph, Shin: ר the head + אש fire, and that spells ראש Resh.
The letter Resh literally means "head" in Hebrew, but your head or brain is illuminated by אש fire. We have life, we have the capacity of perception, because in our brain is energy, electricity, what we call "Christ," but right now in us it is Christ fire that is not cognizant, that is not conscious, and this is the difference. That אש esh in your brain has to be made a cognizant fire, a fire that has full Consciousness of itself, and when that fire in your body and your nervous system, in your head has become fully cognizant, it becomes Nephesh Chaiah, a "living soul." It becomes a Tzadik, a "Righteous One," ...

When I read much of what St Paul says in the New Testament I am convinced that he is himself a great gnostic teacher and Mystic that tries to explain that the Spirit of God is within and waiting to be discovered through the mystical teachings of his Master, Jesus of Nazareth.

Awesome.... Yes, St Paul understood better than anyone else. Maybe St Thomas also understood,

St Paul was a Genius.

So many Incredible Mysteries and so much Truth hidden within every single Hebrew Word and Letter. God certainly is Magnificent. Master of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.

There are many interesting Gnostic teachings that show deep and mysterious interpretations to the Traditional Stories of the Bible.

such a nice thing to learn thanks hebrew for making this possible nice post

i think i have missed most of the classes, where do I start from?

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Your reading is amazing. I will be using it later as an example of fluent reading,



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Writing takes only a little practice. You will be surprised after you try for a little longer.

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Image Source:

I have read that the Cannanites are ancient Hebrew cousins / slaves in Egypt. Working in the mines and the builders of the Pyramids.

Thanks. Great article. I am sure that eventually Archaeological discoveries in Israel will explain it all.

This is a very interesting Chart. Thanks for the Image Source. Does this mean that the Cannanite, Hebrew Aleph-Bet comes from Egyptian Pictographs ? Or that the Cannanite workers are the Origin of the Egyptian Pictographs ??

Awesome and excellent language . the grate Hebrew letter of RESH .
The letter RESH holds the value of two hundred in the numerological calculations of the Hebrew alphabet. It is symbolic of wickedness as well as higher consciousness.



Thank you, nice graphic. Many have commented on the similarities between Hebrew and Arabic.

yap there is many similarities between Arabic and hebrew also with other it's can be possible normal as it can see because we all human are the same so must be in ancient time they get idea with one another... it's about creating languages which can identify them @ hebrew

Who thought that l will be learning hebrew.but here i am..thanks for sharing this great knowledge with us :)

thank you hebrew for your another lesson resh...
i have analysised it a little bit....
RESH is the twentiteth letter of the semitic abjads....
in most semitic alphabet ,the letter resh is quite similar to the letter the syric alaphabet ,the letter became so similar that now they are only distingguished by a dot .resh has adot abvove the letter and the otherwise identical dalet has dot below the letter
the letter is named ray'" in is written in several ways depending on its position in the world.
In heberew resh represents a rhotic consonant that has different realization for different dialects...
Resh is an abbreviation can stand for rabbi

RESH may be found after a persons's name on gravestone to indicate that the person had been a rabbi or to indicate the other use of rav ..

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I need to look into this.... Maybe related to a Group of followers of Yeshua called "the Poor" Ebionites. Looking at this word now I see some other Possibilities .... AVi-onim .... disciples of the Father ?

Aramaic Bible in Plain English: “Blessed by The Spirit (ha Ruach) are the poor, because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Ebionites Hebrew אביונים ebyonim,ebyonim, ebionim, meaning "the poor" or "poor ones"), is a patristic term referring to a Jewish Christian movement that existed during the early centuries of the Christian Era.

They used the Hebrew book of Matthew starting at chapter 3, revered James the brother of Jesus (James the Just) Their name suggests that they placed a special value on voluntary poverty. Ebionim was one of the terms used by the sect at Qumran that sought to separate themselves from the corruption of the Temple. Many believe that they were Essenes.

Since historical records by the Ebionites are scarce, fragmentary, and disputed, much of what is known or conjectured about the Ebionites derives from the Church Fathers, who wrote polemics against the Ebionites, whom they deemed heretical Judaizers. Consequently, very little about the Ebionite sect or sects is known with certainty, and most, if not all, statements about them are conjectural. At least one scholar distinguishes the Ebionites from other Jewish Christian groups, such as the Nazarenes; other scholars, like the Church Fathers themselves from the first centuries after Christ, consider the Ebionites identical with the Nazarenes. (Wiki)

Excellent. I have always wondered about the Ebionites.

Poor .... רָשׁ

Blessed are the Poor .... רָשׁ

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apparently it is difficult to pronounce. You must have a special movement. The gif again surprises me, this time it is interpreted in a great way. Resteemed @hebrew

אני באמת מעריך את הידע it.your שפה היא standard.form עכשיו אני אנסה למצוא משמעות של @hebrew

זה אלפבית מדהים של השפה העברית.
תודה ששיתפת.
giphy-downsized (7).gif

We are indeed on the verge of the end of learning the hebrew letters only two more to go .Thanks for your precious time and effort for the community.

Great post as alway! As what I know, The Well of Ba-sheeba
In Hebrew , the word באר bar (Beth, Aleph, Resh) means “well,” a well in the earth to get water. Shebah שבע means "seven." ☺

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The video you posted made by (sounds like) an Australian. He pronounces Resh with a rolling Spanish kind of pronunciation. Other videos have a softer pronunciation.

Thanks for the video.

@hebrew, That would be greatest tutorial of ancient language of Ivrit. It had happen before lot of years from Bible lesson. Tough to learning; but after learning very nice language. Thanks for the lesson. Its easy guidance to us. Beginners can be glad with your easy lessons. This time you've introduced how to pronounce RUSH. I'll learn more.
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Thanks. I did try to read and even sing lyrics with the Resh pronunciation. Technology is not cooperating tonight. Shabbat Shalom! worries. You might try.. Technology may be trouble for us. But I surely know you can do better it.

העברית שימשה תמיד כשפת התפילה והלימוד, ומערכות ההגייה הבאות נמצאות.

העברית האשכנזית, שמקורם במרכז ומזרח אירופה, עדיין נמצאת בשימוש נרחב בשירותי הדת היהודיים האשכנזים ובלימודים בארץ ובחו"ל, במיוחד בקרב הציבור החרדי ואוכלוסיות אחרות. היא הושפעה משפת היידיש.

העברית הספרדית היא ההגייה המסורתית של יהודי ספרד ופורטוגל והספרדים בארצות האימפריה העותומנית לשעבר, למעט עברית תימנית. ההגייה הזאת, בצורתה של הקהילה הספרדית בירושלים, היא הבסיס לפונולוגיה העברית של דוברי ישראל. היא הושפעה משפת ג'ודזמו.

המזרחית היא למעשה אוסף של דיאלקטים המדוברים בליטורגיה על ידי יהודים בחלקים שונים של העולם הערבי והאסלאמי. ייתכן שהשפעתה הושפעה מהשפות הארמיות והערבית, ובמקרים מסוימים גם על ידי הספרדים הספרדים, אם כי כמה בלשנים טוענים כי הוא היורש הישיר של העברית המקראית, ובכך מייצג את הניב האמיתי של העברית. אותה טענה נעשית לעתים גם עבור עברית תימנית או תמאנית, השונה מדיאלים מזרחיים אחרים על ידי מערכת תנועה שונה בתכלית, ומבחינה בין עיצורים שונים המסומנים בצורה דייקרטית, המובהקים זהים בדיאלקטים אחרים (למשל ג 'ו- "גימל").

ביטויים אלה משמשים עדיין בטקסים של בית הכנסת ובמסורת הדתית, בארץ ובמקומות אחרים, בעיקר על ידי אנשים שאינם דוברי עברית, אם כי כמה ישראלים מסורתיים דו-ספרתיים.

בתי כנסת רבים בגולה, למרות אשכנזי על ידי טקס ועל ידי הרכב אתני, אימצו את ההגייה "הספרדי" בהתייחסות העברית הישראלית. עם זאת, בבתי ספר ובתי כנסת רבים בבריטניה ובאמריקאים, הגייה זו שומרת על כמה מרכיבים של המצע האשכנזי שלה, במיוחד ההבחנה בין tsere לסגול.

wow i like your post.....

That would be greatest tutorials of ancient Ivrit language. This time you introduced about Quph. Nice pronunciation with nice comparison. Well explained Aleef-Beyt letters form this post. Look at letters. Its write tough task. But after your lessons studied past day I have some knowledge about Ivrit.
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Great teaching of the Hebrew language Exceptional and excellent post about Hebrew language ... very good vowel word is the best word on the left.Thanks for the info and great work bro @hebrew
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sir i have a question that......
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Thanks for the enlightening post, as usual you manage to provide with new meanings and depths even to born Hebrew speakers!

If you want an insider knowledge about the number 7- Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel theorized that this number expresses the wholeness that is still under the nature aspect of the world - like there are 7 days in the week and then you have the holy Shabbath and obviously like good created the world in six days and rested in the seventh and like the temple had 7 gated and on and on.
When you reach 888 - now this is a wholeness above nature, this is where you get to the realm of the super natural, where the mind of men can barley grasp anything at all.

Here is the Wikipedia page about that smart rabbi:

תודה רבה! פוסט מעניין ומקורי!

Good post my friend ,, when do you taught me

Only two more letters left, great effort :)

Awesome @hebrew.

From your highlighting of the Letter Resh in Genesis we see that the Letter "Resh" is the 2nd Letter of the Bible.... B-R-A-Sh - y- T (In Beginning)

Bet-Resh ..... Together these 2 letters spell the Word "Son" in Aramaic.

Language Information
Hebrew is written from right to left in horizontal lines.
Some letters (kaf, mem, nun, fe and tzadi) have a final form (sofit), which is used when they appear at the end of a word, these are shown in the table below the normal form.
There are no separate numerals in Hebrew, instead standard western numerals (1, 2, 3, etc) are used. Some letters have numerical values.
Long vowels can be indicated by the letters alef , vav , and yod . Short vowels are not usually marked, except in the Bible, poetry and books for children and foreign learners.
The Hebrew alphabet consists of the following letters:
Alef Bet/Vet Gimel Dalet He Vav Zayin Het Tet Yod Kaf/Chaf
א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ
amed Mem Nun Samech Ayin Pe/Fe Tsadi Qof Resh Shin/Sin Tav
ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת


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אחוות פוסט מעולה תמיד לעקוב אחר הפוסט שלך.להחזיר אותו זה הרבה מהליירון מהפוסטה

Some anlysis about Hebrew,
Hebrew belongs to the canaanite group of language .in turn the canaanite languages are a branch of the north west semitic family of languages.
according to avraham ben yousef, Hebrew flourished as a spoken language in the kingdom of israel and judah during abouy 1200 to 586 BCE .scholars debate to degree to which hebrew was a spokenvernacular in ancient times following the babylonian exile ,when the predominant international language in the region was a old aramic
Hebrew was extinct as a colloquial language by late anitiquity,but it continued to be used as a literary language and as the litur gicial language of jujudaism ,envolving various dialect of literary medieval hebrew ,untill it's revival as a spoken languge in the the late 19th century

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Shabbat Shalom. Another word with the Hebrew letter "Resh" - ABUNDANT: Great, Plenty or supply of Strength (greatness). One who is abundant in authority such as a Master or Teacher. Also, an archer as one abundant with arrows. Hebrew: רב rav-masc. רבה ra-bah-fem. ....

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