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Language Information
Hebrew is written from right to left in horizontal lines.
Some letters (kaf, mem, nun, fe and tzadi) have a final form (sofit), which is used when they appear at the end of a word, these are shown in the table below the normal form.
There are no separate numerals in Hebrew, instead standard western numerals (1, 2, 3, etc) are used. Some letters have numerical values.
Long vowels can be indicated by the letters alef , vav , and yod . Short vowels are not usually marked, except in the Bible, poetry and books for children and foreign learners.
The Hebrew alphabet consists of the following letters:
Alef Bet/Vet Gimel Dalet He Vav Zayin Het Tet Yod Kaf/Chaf
א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ
amed Mem Nun Samech Ayin Pe/Fe Tsadi Qof Resh Shin/Sin Tav
ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת