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RE: The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Resh

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Great lesson of Hebrew language.On the left a word that contains the "Resh" is best of best

thanks for the information and great job.
100% like and resteem


This is Excellent !!!!!

Genesis: בראשית : In the Beginning (BRaShyT / Genesis) ...

Creation is performed through Resh, our head. .... the very Fire that enlivens Life, that creates life and that establishes life, is in Resh: to spell the word Resh, you take the Hebrew word fire which is אש Aleph-Shin, "esh," and you put the letter Resh in front of it. So it is spelled ראש Resh, Aleph, Shin: ר the head + אש fire, and that spells ראש Resh.
The letter Resh literally means "head" in Hebrew, but your head or brain is illuminated by אש fire. We have life, we have the capacity of perception, because in our brain is energy, electricity, what we call "Christ," but right now in us it is Christ fire that is not cognizant, that is not conscious, and this is the difference. That אש esh in your brain has to be made a cognizant fire, a fire that has full Consciousness of itself, and when that fire in your body and your nervous system, in your head has become fully cognizant, it becomes Nephesh Chaiah, a "living soul." It becomes a Tzadik, a "Righteous One," ...

When I read much of what St Paul says in the New Testament I am convinced that he is himself a great gnostic teacher and Mystic that tries to explain that the Spirit of God is within and waiting to be discovered through the mystical teachings of his Master, Jesus of Nazareth.

Awesome.... Yes, St Paul understood better than anyone else. Maybe St Thomas also understood,

St Paul was a Genius.

So many Incredible Mysteries and so much Truth hidden within every single Hebrew Word and Letter. God certainly is Magnificent. Master of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.

There are many interesting Gnostic teachings that show deep and mysterious interpretations to the Traditional Stories of the Bible.