QANON | A Shaman's App-roach (two AMVET set the PM---zz)

in #helllast year

ATTENTION @Steemit, this is how #QANON works!

2020-09-13 12_23_44-New Tab.png
(They've been lying to you...was it you? Your face was/wap/ped...)

Were you on the ASUS5' #borg deck?

Calling that "amor" on the #manlyphall of how fate hurts on pH7 splits your assess sidewide, like UR-AN-ASS...proven!
Halve a deck on "" torn-rented twitches, Chainsaw first...

Chalked, in SovereignTY!

Dr. M, the Rev. ♾⚕🕹

P.S. - my mRE is the BEST! KNOW they're DE-COD-E.D. "zones on call"

2020-09-13 12_44_22-MEGA.png

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