I'm Back and How's Everyone Doing?

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Hi everyone, it's been 3-4 months since I wrote something here in Steemit. Life has been tough this 2020, I had to go on hiatus to focus on myself since this pandemic. It's hard to be chronically ill. This year has been a constant struggle, I am really praying that things get better soon.

I miss Steemit. I miss logging in here daily to meet friends and read about their stories. I miss expressing myself to you all. I miss hosting games. I miss the community, and everything.

Although my break was much needed, I thought to myself what a waste it was, I should have continued hanging out here. Anyway, I'm back now and I am still thinking how I can be of significance here. I am thinking this is the best time to onboard people because most are not busy. Somehow we have adopted this new normal and we are not as confused as how the pandemic started.

I'll try and build momentum to be present on here again. I have slowly got on with Appics, it is my DApp of choice at this point. I have not explorer Communities, I know very little about that feature in this platform. I need to read more about the new things in here. I'll be slow but I will do my best to do well with my content and help support others. I still have the Plankton Token and I will have to get that up and running, too and hopefully help with onboarding new Steemians and help nest them.

I am so glad to be back and see some of my friends still active and rolling here in Steemit. I look forward to jumping with you in our posts and comments!

Enjoy your Sunday and Steem on!

Love and Peace,


Congratulations @mermaidvampire.


I hope you get better every day!
Freedom and peace!

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