🚨 Please check your Steem Account Authorities

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Hello Steemian!

This post is written not to get you panic or accusing this service owner of fraud.
This is only a precaution reminder as I have encountered several cases where users who give out their Active key to this site will be a victim of their funds being transferred to this account
and finally into this account https://steemitwallet.com/@robertl13/transfers

If you checked on the victims authorized dapps they mostly come from several old dapps that are no longer active on Steem.

Beware of using steemdb.online curation trail service...


What raised my concern is that they recently could getting fund from newly created account like @tarpan and his community account @zero-to-infinity and when I checked they only give authorization to @steemauto.app owner of
In order to use this site service, they require users now to give their active key too. I think last time we only needed to give our posting key. I don't know why they request another active key in order to use their service now.

I would like to request an explanation from the creator of this site https://steemdb.online/ @steem-supporter one of Steem top witnesses regarding this issue that is related to his site.
For safety reason I think it is better to revoke the access of this site to your account by going to this site tools provided by @steemchillers here https://steemit.com/steemworld/@steemchiller/steemworld-update-new-tool-for-managing-account-authorities

You may also checked the list of dapps that you have give authorization from this site too https://ecosynthesizer.com/@yourownsteemaccountname
scroll down and look at left side on Authorities section.

I hope to hear from @steem-supporter soon regarding this matter.
Please stay safe everyone, it is just sad to see the funds that some of you been working hard on just disappear like that.



Thank you for this @cryptokannon.


Thank you 🥰 I feel like won a lottery instead 😆 I hope that your team could find out what been happening with this finding, I think it related to all the other complaints of funds being stolen lately....

Thanks friend @cryptokannon for the warning, you did a good job. Greetings!

Thank you @ cryptokannon for this information.
Post from @xpilar explains every detail of how to protect ourselves from hackers!

Thank you for the info from xpilar. Ironically, steem-supporter was being referred to in that post about this issue. Then in this post I'm wondering if he know that his site is having issue now.... changed my statement after get to understand how dapps works on steem blockchain.

Anything is possible when it comes to money. I think we need to deal more with such controls, to form a team and community to fight hacking and fraud.
Everyone has to bear responsibility, money cannot be made without responsibility.

Thank you for this very valuable information .. I'I am a dormant .. but since I reactivated on Steemit this month I haven't used any app other than Steemworld. How do I delete an app that I might have used before, and I don't know what app I have connected to my Steemit account anymore. Thank you @cryptokannon

Please check here https://ecosynthesizer.com/@aafadjar I see you have given lot of old and not working dapps authorization there. Please revoke it by following the instruction in this post https://steemit.com/steemworld/@steemchiller/steemworld-update-new-tool-for-managing-account-authorities

then change your master password by going to your steemitwallet page then click change password.

Thank you for the information and guidance @cryptokannon. I hope I can do it

I recently too was scammed (link to post below) and can appreciate anyone bringing awareness to the issue though we all need to stay vigilant it'd be nice to get a little justice from time to time.

link to my steemit post about it - https://steemit.com/crypto/@jaredlang/eos-voice-airdrop-scam-thru-my-scatter-wallet

sorry about what happened to you. hopefully steemit team could do something about it soon.

Would be nice seeing as it's another Larimer project #eos #eosio #voicecom

Thanks for this guidance @cryptokannon
I hope we do this very easily
Thanks very much

Thank for this info, i will spread the new in steem SEA since I saw some account are active in steem sea too. Please grant me to use your first image to spread the information. Thank you @cryptokannon

Best Regards

Hi you may use them freely. All my materials and contents on steemit are copyright free or open source for everyone 😊

@el-nailul please see my new post about Understanding Posting & Active keys Authority explanation about how steemdb.online and steemlogin works.

Excelente contenido me encanta porque ya que soy nueva en steemit tengo que estar pendiente


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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Thanks for shearing

Gracias @Cryptokannon por esa valiosa información ya que soy muy curioso y no valla hacer que me encuentre con ese enlace y entre por curioso y como dice el dicho y disculpe que lo diga "la curiosidad mató al gato".

Thank you very much @cryptokannon❤️. This will be a great support for everyone . Very important ❤️

I started the curation trail via steemauto. What should I do now?

Follow the instruction on how to revoke account authorities post from steemchillers that I shared in this post. Also change your keys to be more safe. Go to https://steemitwallet.com/@cryptokannon/password change password at your steemitwallet page and change your master password and this will automatically change your other keys too.

Thank you for the information @cryptokannon it help us a lot..

Thanks for bringing up this concern. I have not been active here lately. Let's all play safe and if possible encourage the use of decentralized wallet applications like that of https://atomicwallet.io/.

thanks for sharing this post and for notifying us

Thank you for the warning @cryptokannon. This will be very helpful to us, so we can be aware, especially us newcomers. If you have time can you please check out my achievement 1 post thank you.


Thanks for sharing .

Thanks for information.

@criptokannon, what a fine fellow you were to warn about possible fraud. Why did people use this app? because everywhere they write that the owner and active keys cannot be given to anyone.

Hi @vipnata how do you do? I think it is because this dapps giving the service of auto-upvote by following specific users upvote and also we may auto-upvote our favorite author too. Also the owner is top Steem Witness, so we kind of trust him. Unfortunately it cannot be trusted now since some of their users get their funds stolen after giving out their active key in order to use this dapps. If I remember correctly, we only need posting key to use this service back then, but now they require our active key too.

100% True, welcome to my discord.

@cryptokannon, i am fine! How are you?
Thank you very much for your answer. I still have not figured out how to do it right to remove all the old apps. I read your post and was scared for my coins. brought sbd to bitrex so far to save them.
I am not a very technically advanced user. but as soon as I figure it out, I will do everything right and will not display it on the stock exchange.
Have a good day!

thaanks for saving US again... @crytokannon

Thank you so much @cryptokannon, it is really a big help.

Oh really there are thiefs on steam @cryptokannon ,, Thanks for the awarness. U did great Job 👍...

Thanks to you cryptokannon for your generosity and care base on this information people like you should always be available here and am also new in this site

hello , thanks for your concern , but as you can see in steemd as well
our app is only authorized to use our users posting authority and we never use or ask for active key , but in short
steemdb.online require you to add it in your posting authority
that can be done only with your active key and you will do this in the signer app i.e steemlogin.com not in steemdb.online .
i hope our conversation on discord serves as the answer

@steem-supporter thank you for your explanation in clearing up our confusion and thinking that your dapps have using the keys that we enter in order to use your dapps and doing this transfers. I remember back then @xpilar talking about this and he also just recently post new one about it here https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@xpilar/3j9cxw-who-has-access-to-your-account-has-it-been-hacked

We are just regular users that don't know how you all use this complicated login and we simply think that the dapps owner who have all access to the keys that being use in their dapps have a records of our keys 😅
I have understand now that your dapps have only posting authorization and not active key authorization even if we have to login into this dapps with both posting key and active key given via steemlogin.
And steemlogin only stored our keys information on our browser and in no way steemlogin or any other dapps
records our keys.
I apologize for making this wrong assumptions about your dapps https://steemdb.online/ having this ability to record our posting key and active key.
Thank you for answering our queries. I will make another post to clear this up.