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Recently I published some news about the drastic measures of the chilean government regarding recent protests. This has escalated through the recent days with the establishment of curfews in all the major cities of the country.

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Source: Social media

Several shootings have taken place leading to several dead civilians to this day.

The protests began due to the discontent of a fare hike, but the intensity of it is related to the severe inequality of economic distribution, environmental depredation, lack of proper health care and poor education.

The UN has taken a step back and is not interceding in this situation where many basic human rights are being violated. Due to this course of action, the chilean people feel the social contract has been broken and probably will not stand down anytime soon.

The military has taken drastic measures and cut the water supply in Santiago, while there is fear they will do so in other cities.

During the next days things will probably escalate further and there seems to be little international interest in the matter. The news from the media have concentrated on vandalism, but have said little on what the government has done to provoke this.

I am not doing this for votes or money, I ask that you please just resteem this because I fear for the safety of my friends, family and fellow chileans. Thank you for reading and sharing this.

Video of shooting:


This is really shocking, and as you say, I've heard nothing about it in the media. Though I rarely pay attention to newspapers or broadcast news these days, as there's so much propaganda and trivia on there. I recently heard about the mass protests in Lebanon via social media, and the BBC seems to have finally got round to reporting on it today. Hopefully social media will shame the mainstream media into reporting this too.

Mainstream media is one of the big reasons why the system is rigged against the lower classes. At least with social media we have a chance. Thanks for the resteem!

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Unbelievable. This is heartbreaking. I considered moving there not so long ago because of the growth that was happening in the IT sector. From that dream of mine to this? I feel so bad for the Chilean people because they are a genuinely friendly bunch. I wish them better than this madness

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Everyone is shocked. Finally the lie we were all living sees the light of day. You lucked out by not coming, this are harsh already and no sign of improvement on the horizon :/

Thanks for the resteem!

I am deeply sadden to hear this, there are many of us on here that do not trust the media, thank you for posting this and I hope that you and yours will be safe , my thoughts are with you xx resteemed

Thank you for taking your time to empathize on this, and the resteem. I am having hard time getting this out there. I know it's not the great vibe kind of post, so not many pay attention, which makes me value even more you're comment and concern. Have a nice day!

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