Need some help with this "promote" button

in #help2 years ago

I see this 'promote' button under all my posts. And I wonder if it's related to those "sponsored" posts (those posts with "sponsored").

I mean it has to be related, I would've googled it but most of the how-to's for steemit on Google are older posts.

So how does this button work (in general)


Hi @kingtee-rex - From @super-grand-ad

The other way your post can be promoted
Is by someone re:steeming you post,
By Clicking on the icon before/next to the Reply icon
That's the Re:steem icon
And I have just Re:steemed your post to my 1400 followers
To see you Resteem Click my green @super-grand-ad
P.S. I also Followed you.

Have a Great Day - From - steemit @super-grand-ad
Facebook john.lovatt.524 aka
Reverb nation super-grand-ad
Youtube uksuperrascal
Twitter @lovattpromotion

You need "SBD" to promote your post.

Oh okay...thanks

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